All-Clad Immersion Blender Review (2023) Stainless Steel Hand Blender

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all clad immersion blender, black
all clad immersion blender, black

I’m quite impressed when I first saw the All-Clad immersion blender.

It’s the first all-stainless steel cordless hand blender that I have reviewed—a premium product, worthy of a premium price tag.

Or is it?

Apart from the stainless steel part, its 9-minute operation time sets it apart from cheaper models. The disadvantage of getting a cheap immersion blender is it will overheat after a minute of continuous usage.

A minute would be enough for a small batch of recipes, but it wouldn’t cut it when you’re dealing with a bigger serving of soups. Or if you need to use it for multiple recipes.

Designwise, the All-Clad hand blender is quite stunning. But it’s lacking a few features that you would find with the Kitchenaid Cordless Blender—a pan guard, and ergonomic design.

However, it’s still a great product overall.

Moving forward, we’ll explore all of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Powerful 600-watt motor
  • Variable speed
  • Detachable shaft for easy cleaning
  • Cordless
  • Quick 30 minutes charge for 3 minutes of run time
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • 2-year warranty


  • Premium price tag
  • The locking mechanism could be better
  • Full charge run-time is only 6-9 minutes
  • Charging takes 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Not recommended with nonstick pans, or cast iron

All-Clad Immersion Blender Features

How does the All-Clad Hand Blender perform?

The All-Clad Cordless Immersion Blender has a high-performance 600-watt motor with a variable 5-speed setting. These features are more than enough to achieve a superior blend quality. However, that’s also another reason for this product to be on the expensive end.

Compared to cheaper models, this stainless steel stick blender can run uninterrupted for nine minutes. That’s less than KitchenAid Immersion Blender‘s 20-minute operation time, but it’s significant when you think about the 1-minute maximum run time of entry-level variants.

Most of the recipes will take under a minute to make. This is true when you’re making small batches of mayonnaise, sauces and dips, baby food, etc. However, when you’re doing a large pot of soup, you will need that extra operation time.

Is All-Clad Immersion Blender easy to use?

The All-Clad Stick Blender has a safety lock as a precaution. You need to press the unlock button while holding down the power button to run the motor. No one wants to accidentally run the sharp blades, so I have no complaints about that.

all clad cordless immersion blender controls

My only concern at this point is the speed dial. With it located on the top, there would be no way to operate this machine singlehandedly.

Don’t get me wrong. The All-Clad Blender is straightforward to use, but it could have been much easier if there’s a way to use it with just one hand.

Another bummer would be the pan guard. There is no pan guard at all. The company even explicitly mentioned that this product is not recommended for nonstick or cast iron pots as it will scratch the coating of those cookwares.

You may want to check the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender or Vitamix Immersion Blender to see what I mean.

Thankfully though, it’s not a headache to maintain. You can easily detach the wand, and it’s dishwasher friendly.

Overall, the All-Clad Hand Blender has a usability rating of 3/5.

See the All-Clad Cordless Immersion Blender in action

The All-Clad Immersion Blender is a premium stainless steel stick blender. It features a 600-watt motor with five-speed levels that can operate continuously for 9 minutes. It can help you whip up mayonnaise, and it’s also perfect for pureeing large servings of soup. Another advantage of getting this All-Clad Hand Blender is the 2-year warranty coverage.

Technical Specifications

TypeHand Blender
Model #KZ800D51
Ratings4.3 out of 5
Speed5 Speed Levels
Motor600 Watts
Shaft Length~9.25 in (23.5 cm)
Bell guardStainless steel
Dishwasher safeYes
BPA FreeYes (Stainless Steel)
Power SourceCordless
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Warranty2 Years
Related ProductsVitamix Immersion Blender, Bamix Gastro Pro 2, Breville BSB510XL, Braun Hand Blender, Cuisinart Smart Stick, Hamilton Beach Hand Blender, Mueller Immersion Blender, Bella Immersion Hand Blender
This table shows the technical specifications of All-Clad KZ800D51 Immersion Blender.

Is All-Clad Immersion Blender worth it?

The All-Clad Cordless Hand Blender is a premium heavy-duty product, perfect for a busy kitchen. If you’re a chef or a pro home cook, you might want to consider getting this cordless stainless steel stick blender.

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