Braun Hand Blender Review (2023) MultiQuick 9 Stick Blender

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Key Points

  • The Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender is the best immersion blender available.
  • It is most economical to decide which accessories you need ahead of time and buy the appropriate package. Buying the individual accessories later can get pricey.

Article updated in October 2023 to reflect changes in options and accessories.

Braun MQ9199XL MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender with Imode Technology
  • Comfortable grip and modern aesthetics
  • Robust 700-watt motor
  • Pressure-activated speed button
  • It features a safety button
  • Movable shaft results in finer blends
  • 5 compatible accessories
  • Extra blade to quickly pulverize large ingredients
  • Detachable shaft for easy cleaning
  • No splash technology for fast cleanup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • 3-year warranty
  • The MQ 9007, MQ9037, and MQ9097 are excellent products, but they have a premium price tag
  • The lids (with gears) and gearboxes are not dishwasher safe
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The Braun Hand Blender is one of the best-rated stick blenders at Amazon, and for good reason. Without further ado, let’s get into what I like and what I don’t like about the MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender.

What I Like About the Braun MultiQuick 9 Blender

There is a lot to like about the Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand. But after giving it a test over a few days, here are my favorite things about it.

1. Variable Speed Controls

The harder you press the button, the faster the blend speed.

Most hand variable speed hand blenders have a high and low setting. But I love how the blender speed determines how much I push in on the control button. I pushed in slightly on the button if I wanted a light blend. But I could push in all the way for a more aggressive blending. The harder I pushed, the faster it blended.

I got to like this ability after a few uses. With my older, cheaper hand blender, I’d regularly have to stop, change settings, and start again.

I also shared that blender with my husband and kids. So sometimes they’d have used it on a high setting. Then, I’d come behind them and use it and sling milk everywhere if my protein shake cup was getting full.

2. Reduced Suction & Splash

With my old blender, the blender would be stuck to the bottom of a cup even when engaged on the slow setting. But this blender features a unique blade design that reduces that suction effect you get with most hand blenders. Combined with the variable speed feature, it’s easy to blend away without the blender being stuck to the bottom of the cup.

Another plus is that this immersion blender doesn’t splash nearly as much as my older, cheaper hand blender. That isn’t to say it won’t splash at all. It does. But I’ve noticed when I make my son his chocolate milk, I’m able to fill the cup up more than before without making a mess!

3. Great Food Processing Capability

food processor

The configuration I purchased for testing purposes had a 2 liter food processor attachment, which I loved.

Most multi-function appliances I’ve tested are great at one thing and lousy at the rest. But the MultiQuick 9 is an excellent hand blender and food processor, assuming you buy the option with the food processor accessories. I used it to chop and puree vegetables, nuts, and chicken breast without a problem.

What I Don’t Like About the Braun MultiQuick 9 Blender

Now that I’ve gone over my favorite features, let’s go over my least favorite thing about the Braun MultiQuick 9 Immersion Blender.

It Takes Up Serious Space


Depending on the package you buy, the MultiQuick 9 comes with a lot of accessories. If you need them, that’s one thing. But if all you need is an immersion blender, it’s overkill!

For me, personally, I already have a stand mixer. So I don’t need the mixing capabilities offered by the MultiQuick 9.

Not All Components are Dishwasher Safe

The removable blender, blades, bowls, cutters, and whisk are all dishwasher-safe. But some parts are not. Notably, the food processor accessories have gears that won’t hold up well in dishwashers. So please read the instructions before throwing everything in the dishwasher!

Other Considerations

Premium Price Tag

You quickly spend over $220 on the MultiQuick 9 Handheld Immersion Blender. That’s series money for something you can drop $40 or so for a similar item. My family has been using the same immersion blender we got from Target six years ago. It isn’t as well made as the Braun, it looks beat up, it doesn’t have the fancy features, and it’ll splash part of your protein shake all over the counter, but it works.

Just know you are are paying a premium price in exchange for this premium product.


The Braun Hand Blender has the most accessories among all the stick blenders I have reviewed. You’ll get the complete set if you purchase the MQ9199XCI. See the table below for more information.

Blender Model NumberMQ9199XCI
(Full Delux Version)
(Less Expensive Version)
AccessoriesHand Blender, 20 oz Plastic Beaker, Whisk, Puree masher, 1.5 Cup Chopper Attachment, Metal Detachable Blending Wand, 8 cup Food Processor Attachment with Chopping Blade, Julienne Insert, Slicing Insert, French Fry Insert, Dough Kneading Hook and DicerHand blender, Ice crush knife, Beaker, Whisk accessory, Chopper, masher accessory
Product LinkView on AmazonView on Amazon

Less Expensive Alternatives

As previously noted, the MultiQuick 9 is pricy! Here are some less expensive alternative hand blenders that are also great products without as many bells and whistles.


TypeImmersion Blender
Ratings4.8 out of 5
SpeedPressure-activated (variable speed)
Motor700 watts
Shaft Length~6.75 inches (17 cm)
Bell guardPowerBell Plus
Dishwasher safeYes, except for lids with gear and gearboxes
BPA FreeYes
Cord5 ft (1.5 m)
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Warranty3 Years
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This table shows the technical specifications of Braun MultiQuick Blender MQ90XX Series.

Is Braun Hand Blender worth it?

If you want a hand blender that can also be a food processor and mixer, then yes, the Braun Hand Blender MultiQuick 9 is definitely worth it. I have nothing but praise for the device. It is indeed the best immersion blender on the market. No other brand can compete with its litany of high-tech features and superior blend quality.

But if all you want is a hand blender, your money will go further elsewhere.


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