The Juice Fountain Compact (Breville BJE200XL) Review 2022

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Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL
Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200XL

If you’re in the market for an affordable and quality centrifugal juicer, then I have a feeling that going the Breville Juice Fountain Compact way will not disappoint you.

At more or less a hundred dollars you’ll get a powerful 700-watt motor. It can reach 14,000 RPM extracting one glass of juice in just 5 seconds. You’ll definitely get the best bang for your buck out of this machine.

With a compact design, this centrifugal juice extractor takes up less counter space, perfect for limited kitchen space. If you’re a beginner, this is a great juicing machine to start with.

The inclusion of a customized cleaning brush within Breville Compact Juicer package further proves that the manufacturer went out their way to guarantee an almost flawless experience.

Add a heavy-duty stainless steel finish to this assembly and you have yourself a piece of equipment that can handle most type of produce.


  • It’s cheap
  • It’s Breville (a well-known juicer brand)
  • The juice extractor comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty not too bad for a budget juicer
  • It does not require the use of a tamper to push ingredients down the chute, unlike other brands.
  • Integral parts of this electric juicer are easily washable using a dishwasher.
  • The juicing process is smooth as the device runs almost noiselessly.
  • It has a 3-inch feeding chute which means less prep time


  • The upward facing chute has a tendency to spew out ingredients during the juicing process.
  • The device runs on a 14,000 RPM motor, so it’s likely that might find the waste pulp being too wet for your preference. It could also mean that less juice is extracted while using this juicer compared to other brands/makes. It also sucks up a lot of air making the juice a little bit frothy compromising the juice quality.
  • One speed setting means that it’s only good for hard fruits and vegetables.
  • If you plan on juicing large quantities, you’ll have to stop every time the internal filter bag is full to remove all the collected pulp in it.
  • Expensive parts, damaging the blade assembly will cost you more or less $30
  • Some users report that this juice press is difficult to clean due to the mesh basket being hard to reach when cleaning but you can always use a cleaning brush

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Features

Is Breville BJE200XL easy to use?

Compared to masticating and triturating juicers, the Breville Compact Juicer is comparatively easier to use. It’s a compact home juicer with just a few parts to assemble and disassemble.

The inclusion of a wide chute makes it possible for one to juice more ingredients at a go. The only downside to it is that you might want to place your hand firmly over it when juicing soft ingredients.

That is if you don’t fancy cleaning a massive mess after every juicing session.

Is Breville Juicer BJE200XL easy to clean?

Considering that the most of this juicer’s parts are dishwasher safe, it should take less than a couple of minutes to transform it to its previous pristine look.

The package also includes a handy brush for cleaning hard-to-reach parts of the juicer, in case you don’t own a dishwasher.

Juice Quality

Juice processed from a fast juicer like Breville 200XL tend to have a shorter shelf life because of oxidation.

To get the best nutritional value out of the Breville Juice Fountain Compact it is best to drink your juice right away or at least 15 minutes after extraction.

After that period nutrients will start to diminish. Storing it in an airtight jar in your refrigerator will extend its shelf life by 24 hours.

See the Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain in action

Don’t take my word for it, watch this product demo of best kitchen reviews:

What kinds of produce can the Breville Compact Juicer process?

This juicing machine will best perform on dense produce and citruses.

Dense produce such as beets, carrots, apple, asparagus, pear, pineapple, watermelon, bitter gourd, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cilantro, cucumber, fennel bulb, garlic, ginger, pepper, pumpkin, sweet potato and turmeric.

Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, lime, orange, and mandarin.

Can it juice leafy greens, soft fruits, and nuts?

While there are techniques out there to process leafy greens on high-speed juicers, it’s not efficient and not as easy as cold pressed juice machine. You are going to waste a lot of nutritional value trying to juice leafy greens out of this machine.

Soft fruits, on the other hand, will tend to spew out of the feeding chute and will cost you a lot of cleanup time. In addition, soft fruits will yield puree instead of juice.

Don’t even try making soy neither almond milk from this juicer; you’re going to risk damaging your equipment.

Technical Specifications

TypeCentrifugal Juicer
Brand/SeriesBreville Juice Fountain
Rating3.9 out of 5.0
Juice QualityGood
Juice Shelf Life24 Hours
Dishwasher SafeYes
Pulp EjectionInternal
MotorOne Speed, 14000 RPM
Wattage700 watts
Chute Size3 inch (round)
BuildPlastic (not BPA free)
Noise LevelHigh
Warranty1 Year
Best for JuicingDense Produce & Citruses
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
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This table shows the technical specifications of Breville Juicer BJE200XL.

Is Breville Juice Fountain Compact worth it?

There’s one thing that makes The Juice Fountain Compact or the Breville BJE200XL a best seller back in its glory days—it’s price. Some centrifugal juicers within the one hundred dollar price range are screaming cheap.

This one is not, it still looks professional packed with an incredible performance.

To wrap this up I highly recommend this juice extractor for beginners and for those who are on a tight budget.

If you’re not new to juicing, save a few bucks and get a top rated cold press juicer instead. I assure you that you’ll save more in the long run by investing in a slow but efficient juice maker machine.

The Juice Fountain Compact (Breville BJE200XL Review) | Juicing Journal

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