Dash Juicer Review (2023) Premium Compact Cold Press Juice Extractor

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Dash DCSJ255 Juicer, Graphite
Dash DCSJ255 Juicer, Graphite

To be honest, I have a great first impression of the Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer. It does look like a premium product, but it’s surprisingly cheap.

At the time I’m writing this review, it’s less than a hundred bucks. That’s almost four times more affordable than Hurom HP. It goes to show that price is the ultimate selling point of the Dash Juicer.

One thing I noticed about this product is how compact it is. The closest thing to it is the Aobosi cold press juicer, but Dash has an even slimmer profile.

Despite its compact body, it can process pretty much anything. It can take on dense produce, leafy greens, and citruses. It’s perfect for green drinks and traditional juice recipes. In addition, it’s also capable of making non-dairy milk alternatives.

It’s a cheap compact juicer yet highly functional.

For now, let’s go over its pros and cons.


  • Affordable
  • Space-saving
  • Reverse function
  • Can make nut milks
  • Easy assembly and cleanup
  • BPA-free
  • 72 hours juice life
  • 1-year warranty


  • In general, cold press juicers are slow
  • You need to prep the ingredients to fit the feed tube


Is Dash Juicer easy to use?

Cold press juicers like Dash blender retains more nutrients and yield more juice, but there’s a catch—they are slow. If you can make a glass of juice in a few seconds with centrifugal juicing machines, it will take a couple of minutes for a slow juicer.

On top of that, you need to cut your produce into small pieces as the feeding chute is usually small. Except for whole slow juicers and Hurom H200, slow masticating juicers typically have a crescent-shaped 2×1.5-inch feeder or a round 2-inch diameter.

IMHO, that’s just a small price to pay for a nutrient-dense juice.

In terms of assembly, operation and maintenance, you won’t have any issues with the Dash blender. It’s a highly compact machine with very minimal parts to deal with.

Is it easy to clean?

Another downside of the Dash blender is it’s not dishwasher friendly. However, as I mentioned a while ago, it doesn’t have large parts to clean up. Washing it by hand will probably take 2-3 minutes.

Pro Tip:

To prevent residue build-up, wash your juicer right after using it. If not, soak the detachable parts in warm water with a few drops of dishwashing soap for a few minutes. Scrub off the fibers from the sieve, give it a good rinse, dry it, and your juicer is good as new.

See the Dash Juicer in action:

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a video demo of the Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer.

Dash Juicer is a compact cold press juice extractor with a 130-watt motor. It’s a slow RPM (revolutions per minute) juicer that can process dense produce, citruses, and leafy greens. Due to its slow juicing process, it yields more juice and retains more nutrients than the competition. The Dash Juicer is one of the most affordable cold press juicing machines on the market.

Juice Quality

If you want the maximum nutritional value out of your juice, cold press juicers like the Dash Juicer are undoubtedly the way to go. Cold-pressed juice has a shelf life of three days, while you only have 24 hours for a juice extracted with centrifugal juicing machines.

The reason behind the shelf life discrepancy is oxidation. High RPM juice extractors expose the juice to a significant amount of oxygen. It’s evident in the foamy and paler juice. That’s the exact opposite of a cold-pressed drink with minimal frothing, deeper hue, and bolder taste.

To sum this up, in terms of juice yield and nutrient retention, the Dash Cold Press Juicer is exceptional.

What Kinds of Produce Can Dash Juice?

Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer can take on any type of fruit and veggies. It can process dense produce, citruses, and leafy greens. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to cut these items into manageable chunks to prevent your machine from getting jammed.

It would also be ideal to remove the pits, seeds, and rinds for optimum juicer performance and better flavor.

Some examples of dense produce are garlic, pepper, pear, turmeric, apple, cauliflower, beets, carrots, pineapple, watermelon, cilantro, sweet potato, asparagus, cucumber, ginger, yakon, pumpkin, fennel, broccoli, bitter gourd, and celery.

It will also work pretty well on citruses like limes, tangerine, oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.

Last but not least, it’s also great for making green juices out of dandelion greens, collard greens, spring onion, basil, wheatgrass, lettuce, peppermint, beet greens, brussels sprout, moringa, pine tree needles, spinach, kale, cabbage, and parsley.

And yes, you can also use this machine to make non-dairy milk alternatives like oat, soy, or almond milk. You just need to follow a specific procedure for making it.

What the Dash Compact Juicer can’t process are soft fruits like avocado, banana, mango, tomato, and papaya. These items are basically non-juicable, but some brands have a particular accessory for pureeing mushy produce. Hurom, for example, offers a filter basket with bigger holes.

Technical Specifications

TypeCold Press Juicer
Model #DCSJ255
Rating4.2 out of 5
Juice QualityHigh
Juice Shelf Life72 Hours
Dishwasher SafeNo
Pulp EjectionExternal
MotorLow Speed
Wattage130 Watts
Chute Size~1.5 inches (no data)
ColorsAqua, Black, Graphite
Noise levelMedium
Dimensions (LxWxH)4.9 x 3.9 x 14.2 inches (12.44 x 9.9 x 36.1 cm)
Warranty1 Year
Best for JuicingSoft & Dense Produce, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Beans & Nuts
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Related ProductsShine Juicer, Aobosi Juicer, Aicok JE6008, Hurom HP, Hurom H101
This table shows the technical specifications of Dash Cold Press Juicer DCSJ255.

Is Dash Juicer worth it?

If you’re looking for a compact and at the same time affordable slow juicing machine, then Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer is one of the best options out there. Period.

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