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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor Review

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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro

Big Mouth Pro is currently unavailable. Here’s a similar juicer from the brand: Hamilton Beach Big Mouth.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor comes in two designs, translucent grey (67650A) and black & silver finish (67608Z).

There’s virtually no difference between the two in terms of specifications other than the color and switch used. 67650A uses a conventional flip switch while 67608Z uses modern turning knob.

This juice maker machine is a one-speed centrifugal juicer. It’s powered by a 1.1 HP motor which can process any hard produce and citrus fruits.

It’s one of those affordable juicers that doesn’t scream cheap, definitely not bad for your first juice extractor. Comparable to Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain at half of its price, it also features a 3-inch wide feeding chute, an external pulp collection system for continuous juicing and extra large pulp collector. H

owever, the huge turn off for me is that… it’s not constructed using BPA free materials.


  • Inexpensive
  • Wide feeding chute
  • External pulp collection for continuous juicing
  • It’s fast, it can juice a whole apple in 3 seconds
  • Dishwasher safe parts


  • No RPM info but user feedback suggests that this machine is a noisy one
  • Because it’s a centrifugal juicer, oxidation happens in a larger scale, the juice degrade faster and can only last for 24 hours
  • Not BPA free
  • Can only process hard produce and citrus fruits
  • Some user says that the pulp is too wet suggesting inefficient juice extraction, it’s like throwing your produce down the drain
  • Can’t juice leafy greens
  • It’s not built with heavy duty materials

Big Mouth Pro Features & Product Details

Is it easy to use?

With just fewer parts to assemble and disassemble, this Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro is very easy to use. Unlike twin gear, masticating (vertical & horizontal), there are no necessary precautions required when operating the this machine.

Just assemble it, flip the switch and you’re good to go. It has a 3-inch big mouth feeding chute, if you’re not a fan of pre-cutting then this machine will work for you. You can also benefit from the external pulp collection system and the extra large pulp bin as you can juice continuously without any hassles.

Is Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro easy to clean?

All detachable plastic parts, except the motor base are dishwasher safe. For easy cleanup, wash it immediately after juicing by running the strainer basket under water and brushing off excess fibers with the complimentary cleaning brush.

The pulp bin is quite big and is one of the hardest part to clean next to the cutting disk.

Here’s a trick:

Place a plastic grocery bag in the pulp bin container (in case you’re not interested in saving it for any recipe) to collect the pulp and once you’re done juicing simply discard it.

See the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro in action

Don’t take my word for it, watch this official product video of Hamilton Beach:

Big Mouth Pro is currently unavailable. Here’s a similar juicer from the brand: Hamilton Beach Big Mouth.

Juice Quality

Similar to all high-speed juicers, this juicing machine can squeeze quite a large amount of juice but the pulp can be a little wet. It doesn’t disappoint on the quality of juice, but it is not as great as expected from cold-press juicers.

A centrifugal juice extractor’s weakness lies on its high-speed motor, high revolution can suck up too much air causing oxidation or the break down of nutrients in your juice. That is why juice coming out from centrifugal juicers tends to be a little too frothy.

However, this issue can be addressed with a little management by either consuming it right away or storing it in an airtight container in your fridge, and away from light.

This method can extend the shelf life of your juice by 24 hours.

What kinds of produce can the Big Mouth Pro juice?

It can juice hard produce such as sweet potato, pineapple, cucumber, pear, cauliflower, garlic, watermelon, beets, carrots, pepper, yakon, apple, turmeric, ginger, asparagus, bitter gourd, pumpkin, fennel, cilantro, celery and broccoli; and citrus fruits like orange, lemon, mandarin, lime, tangerine and grapefruit.

Please note that this electric juicer is not ideal for leafy greens, soft fruits, let alone almonds and soybeans.

Technical Specifications

TypeCentrifugal Juicer
Brand/SeriesHamilton Beach Juicer
Juice QualityGood
Juice Shelf Life24 Hours
Dishwasher SafeYes
Pulp EjectionExternal
Motor1.1 horsepower
No RPM info
Wattage800 Watts
Chute Size3 inch (round)
BuildPlastic (not BPA Free)
ColorGrey – 67650A
Black & Silver – 67608Z
Noise LevelHigh
Warranty3 Years
Best for JuicingDense Produce and Citruses
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
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Is Big Mouth Pro worth it?

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer is affordable, fast, and powerful. In short, it’s a great machine to get you started with juicing. In terms of usability, it’s very easy to use and clean.

However, since it’s a one-speed centrifugal juicer you would be limited to just juicing dense fruits and veggies, and citruses. It doesn’t perform well on soft fruits and leafy greens.

But still, considering the price for the functionality it offers this machine can give you the best bang for your buck.

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