Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Review (2023) Portable Mini Blender

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Key Points

  • The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is the best budget-friendly option to take on-the-go.
  • But the weak 175-watt motor means that it can’t handle thick blends, large ice cubes, or frozen fruit as well as other personal blenders.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender
$22.99 $20.99
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple design
  • Having only one button makes it straightforward to use
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Cord storage
  • Measurement labels on the cup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year warranty
  • 14 oz container can be too little for some
  • Only a 175-watt motor, but good enough for basic smoothies
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09/02/2023 02:36 am GMT

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is currently the brand’s most popular blender. In addition, it’s also the most portable, and one of the most affordable. As a matter of fact, these superlatives are this product’s main selling point.

You see, most blenders in this price range are not at all impressive. The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender, on the other hand, is not “most blenders.” In fact, it has an admirable performance, plus it’s a cute machine that has 5 available colors to fit your style.

Hamilton Personal Blender Primary Features

Back of the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Very Budget Friendly

The Ninja Fit Personal Blender and the Magic Bullet are better products. But the Hamilton Beach offers a more budget-friendly option. It is also the most travel-friendly personal blender.

Spill-Proof Travel Blend Cup

Like the Ninja and the Magic Bullet, you can travel with the same cup in which you blend your smoothie. Just pop in your favorite ingredients, blend, pop on the spill-proof lid with a drinking spout, and hit the road. You’ll be able to complete your morning smoothie routine and be on the road early to beat the morning traffic.

Small Base with Cord Storage

The small base and cord storage on this personal blender means it’s very travel friendly. You can easily take this personal blender on the go and make smoothies at work, at home, or almost anywhere. Since it only has a 175-watt motor, you can even run it from your car’s DC connector using an adapter.

No Assembly Required

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is quick and easy to use and clean due to the fact that there really isn’t any assembly or disassembly necessary. You blend and drink from the same cup, which is dishwasher safe. The blades stay put, meaning there are no parts to take apart and clean. Still, it is no harder to clean than any other small blender cup or pitcher.

BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe

Despite its low price tag, the Hamilton Beach personal blender is made with BPA-free plastic, and the combination blending and travel cup is dishwasher safe. This is a great option for those looking for healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly plastics.

Incredibly Portable Personal Blender

It’s incredibly portable! It conveniently fits in your car’s cup holder, and the lid is a slide to open, which makes it easy to drink, anytime, anywhere.

Technical Specifications

TypePersonal Blender
Brand/SeriesHamilton Beach
Ratings4.3 out of 5
Speed1-speed pulse
Wattage175 Watts
BladesStainless Steel blades
Container capacityUp to 14 oz (400 ml)
Dishwasher safeYes
BPA FreeYes
Colors/Model Nos.Black (51101AV), White (51101V), Red (51101RV),
Blue (51132), and Raspberry (51131)
Cord length24 inches (60 cm)
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Warranty1 Year
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This table shows the technical specifications of Hamilton Beach Blender Single Serve.

What can you make with Hamilton Beach Personal Blender?

For simple smoothies and protein shakes, it’s excellent. You can even have your daily shakes with minimal cleanup.

a glass of green smoothie
protein shakes
Protein Shakes

175-watt is not that strong. By comparison, the Magic Bullet has 200 watts, and the Ninja Fit has a whopping 700-watt motor to blend almost anything you could desire.

For something like a kale smoothie, it’s not perform a thorough-enough blending. It can leave big chunks, and you’ll have to chew some of it. Also, you need to avoid blending frozen fruits.

May Need to Add Water

To compensate for frozen or dense produce, add at least ½ cup of liquid to the blender. This will water down the resulting shake or smoothie, but it works. Alternatively, only incorporate soft ingredients in your recipe.

Pro tip

If your ingredients are bigger than a raspberry, chop them beforehand. This way, your Hamilton Beach Mini Blender will be more efficient and will last a bit longer.

It may not be a powerful machine, but does it perform for its designed purpose? Absolutely! It’s a job well done for this cute little thing. For a personal blender that can handle thick recipes such as a smoothie bowl, check out the Ninja SS101.

Is Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender easy to use?

In terms of usability, the Hamilton Beach Portable Blender earns a perfect 5 (out of 5).

Base of the Hamilton Beach personal blender.

To begin with, it only has one button that works as power and pulse. Some consumers also refer to it as the Hamilton Beach Pulse Blender.

Compared to the usual twist-and-push personal blenders, the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is a whole lot simpler and easier to operate. To start blending smoothies, simply press and hold the pulse button.

Moreover, it has a fixed blade, which is unique for a personal blender. By having so, cleaning up and storing is a breeze. There’s even cord storage at the bottom to maximize portability.

All of this adds up to mean that you can take this little personal blender anywhere you like. Make your smoothie in the morning, pop off the travel blend cup to sip on your way to work, toss the base in your bag, wash the cup, and make another smoothie for lunch without having to go home.

Pro tip

To quickly clean it, blend a cup of water and a drop of dishwashing soap for at least 30 seconds. Then, rinse it and let it dry. For the base, just wipe it off with a damp cloth, and you’re done!

You can also just put it in the dishwasher since it’s the most effortless alternative.

See the Hamilton Beach Mini Blender in action:

Here’s a quick video demo of Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is one of the most compact and cheapest single-serve blenders in the market. It includes a 14 oz (400 ml) personal container that doubles as a travel cup. Equipped with a 175-watt motor, this Hamilton Beach product is an excellent companion for making smoothies and protein shakes.

Is Hamilton Beach Personal Blender worth it?

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender may not be as versatile or durable as its more expensive competitors, as well as having a lesser warranty. Still, if you’re mainly after smoothies or shakes, you can never go wrong with this budget-friendly single-serve mini blender.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more powerful personal blender, check out the Nutribullet Pro.


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