Hurom H101 Review (2023) Affordable Easy Clean Slow Juicer

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Quick Review of the H101 by Hurom

The Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is an affordable premium-tier juicer. I is a vertical masticing juicer that operates at a quiet 43 RPM. Its redesign has removed traditional strainers and spinning brushes, resulting in fewer parts, making the cleaning process simpler. While the juicer is not dishwasher safe, its design ensures optimal juice extraction and minimal oxidation, preserving juice quality and nutrients. It is ideal for those who enjoy cold-pressed juice but dislike the complications and cleanup involved in juicing.

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

What the company achieved in the Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is revolutionary. For a premium-tier juicer it is still affordable. And it's efficient, producing very dry pulp! It also makes cleaning less of a chore. If you like cold-pressed juice but hates the complexity of juicing itself, not to mention cleanup time, then this machine is for you.

  • More efficient at juicing wheatgrass than most vertical masticating juicers
  • Operates at 43 RPM which reduces oxidation
  • Quiet
  • Redesigned easy clean smoothie strainer
  • 16.9 oz (500 ml) juicing chamber capacity
  • Can process all types of produce
  • Produces bone dry pulp
  • Capable of making nut milk
  • Excels in juice extraction efficiency and nutrient retention
  • BPA Free parts
  • 72 hours of juice shelf life
  • Small footprint
  • Small chute requires more prep work
  • Not dishwasher safe
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02/18/2024 09:18 am GMT

πŸ‘ What I Like About the Hurom H101 Easy Clean Juicer

Like the Name Implies, It’s Easy to Clean

If you’ve been juicing for a while like I have, you know that the traditional strainers are a pain to clean. They have small holes that get packed with bits of produce. Typically, you must soak and/or scrub them vigorously to clean. But that pain has been eliminated with the Hurom H101.

The old strainer screen has been replaced by a grooved plastic strainer that you can simply rinse off instead of having to scrub. These changes made the number of parts fewer, thus making it relatively easy to clean, as the name suggests.

I also liked the new 180-degree pulp outlet. Twisting this open makes it much easier to get all of the dry pulp out of the machine.

It Has A Very Small Footprint


The exterior dimensions of this Hurom H101 juicer is just 6 x 6 x 18 in (152 x 152 x 457.2 mm). It takes up about the same amount of counter space as a small blender. That makes it much easier to store and use than many other juicers.


This juicer can also help you make milk out of oats, soybeans, or nut-based dairy alternatives. If you have a sweet tooth, this machine is also capable of producing healthy ice creams.

Full Disclosure: I did not personally test the nutmilk, sorbet, or ice cream capabilities of this juicer.

It Produces Very High Quality Juice

Usually, vertical slow juicers have a speed of 80 RPM, but newer machines like the Hurom H101 have a lower RPM. The Hurom H101 rotates at a rate of 43 revolutions per minute. This is the lowest of all the Hurom juicers. Even the new Hurom H400 has a RPM of 50.

I tested the H101 by making a orange-carrot-ginger juice recipe and found the nutrient-rich juice to be very flavorful. Also, the slow masticating process used to extract juice means your juice will last up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.

10 Year Warranty

The motor has a 10-year warranty. That’s about as good as it gets in the juicing world and what you’d expect from a premium juicer brand like Hurom. The other parts of the juicer have a 2-year warranty.

In full disclosure, I’ve tested a few Hurom juicers over the years but have never used one over several years. But I’ve never had a part break on a Hurom. I’ve always found the “fit and finish” of Hurom juicers to exude quality so I wouldn’t expect a part to just randomly fail from normal use. But as I’ve said, I’ve not tested the H101 or any Hurom juicer for numerous years to know for sure.

πŸ‘Ž What I Don’t Like About the Hurom H101

It Has A Small Chute

small chute
The H101’s chute is both oddly shaped and small!

The odd-shaped chute is 2 x 1.5 inches in width. Therefore, the biggest drawback by far of the H101 is the amount of prep work required to juice. With a chute that small, you’ll have to chop your produce into very small pieces. This takes time and in my experience, will lead you to using the juicer less than you otherwise would.

At a MSRP of $399, it is less expensive than the H200 or H400. But the H101 is still a premium juicer. But to get a premium Hurom juicer at that price point, you are bound to give up something and the large chute is what you are losing with the H101.

Other Considerations

The Motor is Quiet But Juicing Is Not

Hurom advertises most of their motors as being quiet or even “whisper quiet.” But here’s the thing: just because the motor is quiet doesn’t mean its quiet when it’s operating with produce. But that doesn’t mean it’s loud either.

During my testing, I found the volume wasn’t what I’d considered to be loud. But it wasn’t “whisper quiet” either. In any event, the volume wasn’t what I considered to be a pro or a con during my evaluation of the H101 juicer.

Alternatives to the H101

hurom h101 juicer 1 h200h400
Hurom H101
This Model
Hurom H200
Larger Chute
Hurom H400
Flagship Hurom Juicer
2 x 1.5-inch chute
6-inch chuteβœ… Hopper Design
Not self-feedingβœ… Self Feedingβœ… Self Feeding
βœ… Makes nut milk & sorbetβœ… Makes nut milk & sorbetβœ… Makes nut milk & sorbet
βœ… 43 RPM50 RPM50 RPM

Juicing Journal Awards

Juicing Journal Awards
Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer Review | Juicing Journal

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