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Instant 20-Cup Multi-Grain Cooker Review

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For a simple grain, rice can be difficult to properly cook. To learn how to cook rice correctly, you usually suffer through many servings of hard, partially-cooked rice, mushy, overcooked rice, or rice that’s been burnt!

Instant Multigrain Cooker makes cooking rice and other grains a lot easier. It has a small footprint despite the 20-cup capacity. Its sleek design makes it worth leaving on your counter to cook rice or quinoa at a moment’s notice.

While “multigrain cooker” is in the name, the included steamer basket and multiple functions provide more options for cooking.

Is the Instant® 20-cup Multigrain Cooker worth adding to your kitchen arsenal? Keep reading for an in-depth review of the Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker and decide for yourself.

Instant 20-Cup Rice/Grain Multi-Cooker
$69.88 $59.49

This appliance is perfect for those who want perfectly cooked rice and grains. It's a little large if you are only cooking for one but it's perfect for meal prepping. It's also space efficient and looks great on any countertop.

  • Takes up minimal space on the counter or in the cabinet when not in use
  • Sleek, modern design
  • 8-in-1: white rice, brown rice, quinoa, mixed grains, slow cook, saute, slow cook, and steam
  • Auto keep warm function (up to 10 hours)
  • Smart cooking programs
  • Delay start option
  • Cooks up to 12 servings at once
  • PFOA-Free nonstick cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe
  • CarbReduce Technology: Reduce carbs and sugar in rice up to 40%
  • Quick measurement using the steamer basket
  • Includes a cheat sheet, making it easy to cook the grain and amount you need without looking up recipes
  • Expensive for a rice cooker
  • CarbReduce technology produces varying results and is optimal for only certain grains and only proven on 2 cups of uncooked rice
  • Slow cook function is only available at 200°F, which translates to “high” on traditional slow cookers
  • Top steamer plate on lid should be removed and cleaned behind which isn’t immediately obvious
  • The display reads “ON” until there is 5 minutes left in the cooking process, and then it starts a countdown, making it a little confusing at first
  • The minimum amount of uncooked rice you can cook is 1 cup
  • Included measuring cup is ¾ cup instead of the standard 1 cup
  • Black interior of nonstick pot can make it hard to see how brown your food is as well as see if there’s leftover food residue on your pot
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11/29/2023 01:37 am GMT

Instant Multigrain Cooker Functions

Grain Cooker

Cook rice, grains, quinoa, and mixed grains with ease. The grain cooker is also perfect for grits, oats, and polenta if you want something different than rice.

cooked quinoa


Using the steam function, you can replace a traditional steamer to make steamed veggies or fish. Some users make soft and hard-boiled eggs, as electric egg cookers are just steamers.

steamed vegetables

Slow Cooker

Make any slow cooker recipe you love without dragging out another appliance. The only option is to cook at 200°F, which is “high” on most slow cookers, so you’ll just plan ahead and cook a recipe for 4 hours instead of 6-8 on low.

green soup with cream

The appliance allows you to slow cook from 30 minutes to 24 hours.


The saute mode allows you to make light work of sauteing your food. Vegetables, meat, and stir fry are all quick and easy options to get more use out of this saute function.

sauteed vegetables


CarbReduce is an option that allows you to consume fewer carbs from your grains without sacrificing flavor and texture. With this option, you can reduce carbs and sugar in rice by up to 40%, according to independent studies.


The company has specific information about the CarbReduce function. For best results, only cook 2 cups (uncooked) of grains at a time. Don’t use this function for more than 2 cups of long-grain varieties.

Is the Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker easy to use?

I found the device easy to use and operate. One feature I had to get used to is the display doesn’t immediately show the cooking time. Instead, it shows “On.” It doesn’t start the timer until there are only 5 minutes left (10 minutes for brown rice). At first, I wasn’t sure if the unit was actually cooking. But once I figured it out, it wasn’t a major problem.

It includes a quick reference chart that I found helpful. The chart shows the cook times for different types of grains, measurements, and serving amounts. This made it a breeze to get started. I’d rather not read a dense instruction manual if it can be avoided.

The included steamer basket has quick measure lines for your water. So there was no need to pull out extra measuring cups. Also, the Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker has smart cooking modes that you can set and forget.

The 8 smart functions of the Instant 20 Cup Multigrain Cooker

How to Clean the Instant Multigrain Cooker?

If you like cleaning your appliances in the dishwasher, you’ll like the Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker. The non-stick cooking pot, stainless steel CarbReduce steam basket, and removable inner lid are all dishwasher safe.

Although I don’t normally wash my appliance parts in a dishwasher, I did this device for testing purposes. I rinsed the items thoroughly before placing them into the dishwasher on a normal cycle. Once the dishwasher finished the items were spotless except for a few drying spots. Don’t overlook the fact that a better dishwasher will result in cleaner dishes, though. So your individual results may vary.

On this unit, everything but the plug-in base is dishwasher-safe. The accessories and inner lid cover should only be washed in the top rack only if using a dishwasher.

You may desire to hand-wash to preserve the enamel coating. But I always recommend hand-washing everything so that your appliance lasts longer. This is a general rule I use for every kitchen appliance I own.

What Accessories can I get with the 20-cup Multigrain Cooker?

The Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker includes the following accessories:

  1. One measuring cup
  2. One rice spoon
  3. A steamer insert
The Rice Spoon that comes with the Instant Multigrain Cooker

There are no additional accessories available for purchase at this time.

Technical Specifications

BrandInstant Pot
Product Dimensions12.6″D x 12.2″W x 9.65″H
Dishwasher SafeYes
MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight8.4 lbs
Wattage860 watts
Included ComponentsMeasuring Cup, Rice Spoon, Steamer Insert
Voltage120 Volts
Country of ManufactureChina
Item Model Number140-5003-01

Is the Instant 20-cup Multigrain Cooker Worth Buying?

Anytime you read a review for a product, you want to know if it’s worth purchasing. This is usually a simple answer: a solid yes or a solid no. But in the case of the Instant® 20-cup Multigrain Cooker, the answer is: it’s complicated.

Since most electric pressure cookers, including the Instant Pot, have a rice or grain feature – you might wonder if you really need this new appliance. The Instant Pot indeed has a button setting to cook grains and it performs well.

The advantage to this appliance versus to the regular Instant Pot is that this device is designed specifically to cook grains. That makes it’s easier to use and generally does a better job. It’s also smaller, allowing you to leave it on the counter if you desire.

If you don’t cook grains regularly, it probably doesn’t make sense to invest in this appliance. And if you don’t take advantage of its other cooking functions you’ll just have an expensive rice cooker.

Buy This Device If:

  • You need something to help you slow cook, steam, and cook grains
  • You want a quality device made by the Instant Brand

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