17 Reasons Why Vitamix Is Worth the Money (and 4 Reasons Not)

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is vitamix worth it
is vitamix worth it

Is Vitamix worth it?

That’s the exact question I asked myself before buying a Vitamix.

Here’s the deal:

Despite being a yes or no question, you need to know a lot more factors before you can make a thorough decision.

Luckily, I’ve covered all the variables on what makes Vitamix worth it in this article.

So, without further delay, let’s find out if you should invest in a Vitamix blender.

1. Trustworthy Brand

vitamix 100 years logo
Source: Vitamix

At the time I’m writing this, Vitamix is celebrating its 100 years in business. With a century of experience, they accumulated a massive amount of knowledge and wisdom. That fact alone makes them a trustworthy brand.

Here’s more:

Did you know that they started the trend wherein blenders can heat soup with just friction? In other words, Vitamix was the first brand to introduce high-performance blenders. And now? They’re still the leading brand!

More importantly, you won’t be paying for the “name,” unlike other premium brands. The following reasons will justify just how Vitamix is really worth it.

2. A Vitamix blender will open up so many creative possibilities

If you like being in the kitchen and trying new things, this is the primary deciding factor.

Essentially, you can make advanced recipes that ONLY Vitamix blenders (or high-end blenders) can make. These include freshly ground flour, thick nut butter, a thick smoothie bowl, hot soup, and even knead dough!

blending recipes - nut butter, smoothie bowl, hot soup, flour

You can also use your Vitamix as a coffee grinder. Just make sure not to over blend it. It will not yield the same results as an actual coffee grinder, but it’s good enough.

3. With a Vitamix blender, simple recipes will have a top-notch quality compared to using a cheap blender

If you already have a blender but looking to upgrade? This is the most critical deciding variable.

For instance, if you make a smoothie with a regular blender, it won’t be as smooth as Vitamix’s end product. Take a look at this picture:

vitamix vs ninja blend off

The left side is made with a Ninja blender with 900-watt motor, while the right one is made with a Vitamix blender. Please note that the recipe I made was the same for both machines (with equal amounts). I also ran it for precisely 45 seconds each at max speed.

The smoothie made from a Ninja is great, but with some gritty, unblended components (the green dots). And, as you can see, Vitamix has a more refined result. It is literally a smooth smoothie. 

In other words, even if you’re only going to use Vitamix for smoothies, it will still be worth the splurge.

More importantly? 

This “better” result applies to ALL the blender recipes—frozen dessert, nut butter, puree, cocktails, crushed ice, etc. 

chunky salsa

Also, its lowest speed rating allows it to create chunky blends, especially for salsa. Other powerful blenders aren’t capable of this.

Fun fact: For other blenders, making nut butter is a difficult task. Sometimes, you are even required to add oil to prevent the machine from stalling. It’s also needed to have a spreadable texture.  

Luckily, Vitamix doesn’t have that issue at all!

Here’s more:

Did you know that a Vitamix blender can make nut butter in just one minute? Plus, you don’t even need to add oil, and it will still have a smooth consistency.

4. Changing to a healthy lifestyle will be a lot easier

The most straightforward healthy food/drink I can think of is smoothies, depending on the ingredients.⁽¹⁾ You can technically buy smoothies, but chances are it will have a ludicrous amount of sugar which is definitely not healthy.⁽²⁾ 

healthy lifestyle with smoothie

So, with a Vitamix, you can make healthy recipes—particularly smoothies—with no added sugars, no preservatives, nor chemical additives. Oh, and don’t worry, your smoothies will still be sweet from fruits’ natural sugar (if you choose to add sweet fruits, of course).

The other best example is canned soups, which could be unnecessarily high in sodium,⁽³⁾ contain preservatives, etc.⁽⁴⁾

With a Vitamix, making healthy hot soup is just as easy as making a smoothie. As I have mentioned before, a Vitamix blender is so powerful that it can heat soup with just the blades’ friction. So, all you need to do is add all the ingredients to the blender and blend for about 6 minutes at max speed.

Here’s more:

Being healthy certainly doesn’t mean to abstain from desserts. Basically, you can make a healthy version of ice cream called nice cream with Vitamix. Best of all? It’s amazingly delicious even without adding any sugar!

And of course, Vitamix can make several healthy recipes, not just these three.

The point is:

When you make your own healthy food, you can customize what goes in. You can add more protein, less salt, add natural sweeteners, etc. This is precisely why a Vitamix blender can help you change to a healthier lifestyle.

Personal anecdote: Getting a Vitamix has turned me into a smoothie person. Technically, (pre-Vitamix) I bought smoothies from time to time, but I never made it daily since it’s rather expensive. But, once I have my own powerful blender, smoothies have become a daily thing—as a breakfast, snack, or maybe even as a dinner!

5. You’ll have a shorter preparation time

food preparation for blender

This is in comparison to an average blender. Some blenders will require cutting the constituents to approximately an inch which consumes an absurd amount of time.

Luckily, Vitamix is incredibly robust, so most of the ingredients only need to be rough chopped. For instance, a Vitamix can process a whole apple with no cutting required (it’s technically not ideal, but it can). 

In other words, fruits like apples and pears can be cut into just two slices, and the blender will work just fine.

6. It comes with a tamper

Here’s the thing, tamper is a solution for these problems:

vitamix tamper
Source: Vitamix

Air pockets are inevitable. So, with the help of a tamper, you can push back the ingredients to the blades. 

Second, there are times (thick recipes) where constituents will get stuck on the sides. And with the same solution, you can use the tamper to push the components toward the blades.

Please note, air pockets are NOT cavitation. I’ll talk more about cavitation on the 8th reason.

Here’s the deal:

Blendtec made an attack ad against Vitamix’s tamper—which actually ended up being comically ironic.

You see, it turns out that their regular pitchers can’t handle thick blends properly. Essentially, you have to stop the operation, scrape the contents toward the blade, and blend over and over again. So, making nut butter will take more time and effort.

As a result, they made a separate container, particularly for thick blends.

Now, let’s see why Vitamix’s tamper is superior. 

First and foremost, you don’t need a different container for a thick recipe which will save you money. Secondly, you can use the tamper while operating since it’s designed to not hit the blades when you use it through the opening lid. So, it’s more effortless than having to do the “stop, scrape, blend, stop, scrape, blend.” 

Therefore, the use of a tamper will undoubtedly make your blending experience easier and faster.

7. Well-engineered motor

The motor is the most impressive hallmark of Vitamix. In fact, this is the main reason why a Vitamix blender can handle complex blending recipes.

Vitamix Motor
Source: Vitamix

If you must know, a 1500-watt (2.2 HP) Vitamix works just the same (if not better) as Blendtec Pro’s 1800-watt (3.8 HP). You see, it’s not just about power; there’s also efficiency. And, Vitamix’s motors are utterly efficient.

For instance, even if it encounters harsh ingredients, it will still have an even torque. This is exactly why it can make nut butter without adding oil.

Here’s the best part:

The well-engineered motor is also the ultimate reason why Vitamix are long-lasting machines. I talked more about this on the 16th reason.

8. Vitamix features blunt blades

vitamix blades
Source: Vitamix

Yes, Vitamix’s blades are blunt or what you might call dull. It sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out:

To begin with, blunt blades are long-lasting. Compared to sharp ones that will get dull over time, Vitamix will never have that problem. It’s also made with hardened stainless steel, which is made to last.

Secondly, Vitamix doesn’t need sharp blades since they already have powerful motors. Consider this formula:

pressure formula
Pressure = force / area (5)

So, with the combination of a 1500-watt motor and blunt blades, it can effortlessly crush ingredients. Just like how weed eaters can “cut” grass even if the wire is not sharp. 

Just so you know, what I mean by blunt is that it’s not knife sharp, so technically, it still has an edge to it.

Here’s more:

Did you know it’s not just the blades that crush the food? There’s also the so-called cavitation.⁽⁶⁾ Simply put, the blades moving at incredible speeds through fluids create the void of bubbles (cavitation), and it implodes violently. As a result, it produces shockwaves powerful enough to break a glass.⁽⁷⁾

9. Vortex Action

blender vortex action
Source: Vitamix

Their blade and pitcher design encourage vortex or whirlpool action. For all blenders, this is an essential factor. You want your blender to pull the ingredients to the blades to evenly process all components—which Vitamix does perfectly.

The opposite of this vortex, blender-wise, is turbulent blending. Instead of pulling the food toward the blade, it pushes it away in a violent movement. This is certainly not useful for liquid blends. 

However, this is highly beneficial for dry recipes, so Vitamix offers a dry grains container with a distinct blade design.

10. Straightforward controls

Compared to having more than 20 complicated buttons, Vitamix is as simple as 2 buttons and a dial. Of course, it depends on the model you choose, but that’s the general rule of thumb. Two buttons (or switches) for pulse and power, and then the speed dial.

If you must know, the dial is a more straightforward control than multiple buttons for speed selection. 

More importantly? Vitamix usually has more than 10 speeds; sometimes, there are in-between ratings—1, 1+, 2, 2+, 3, 3+…10. So, the total speed is actually 19; that’s the most speed among all the blenders.

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Touch Interface
Source: Vitamix

You can also adjust the power of the pulse. For instance, when making salsa, it will completely pulverize your dip if you use the max speed. The solution is lowering the pulse level to create a chunky salsa. 

These functions give you complete control of the texture, from chunky to incredibly smooth.

Anyway, when you get the smart ascent series A3500 or A3300, there are 2 extra buttons for adjusting the timer.

Better yet:

Some models include automatic walkaway blending programs—Vitamix A2500, A3500, and Vitamix Pro 750. Just like the timer, this feature will help you multitask in the kitchen effortlessly. 

Think about it; you only need to add the ingredients, secure the lid, and select the program (or set the timer and speed). Let the blender do the rest of the job, as it will automatically stop on its own. So, while waiting, you can do other stuff, perhaps cleaning up or simply relaxing (if it’s a 6-minute hot soup blend).

11. The design is fantastic

6 colors of vitamix

Vitamix blenders (legacy and modern) have simple yet appealing aesthetics. Some models even include up to 6 color selections to fit your kitchen’s theme. In other words, it’ll look better to keep it on your countertop than to store it in your cupboard.

More importantly, the newer models have a low-profile pitcher that will fit under an average kitchen cabinet.

12. It’s super easy to clean

Just like its controls, cleanup is so straightforward. For starters, the newer series are dishwasher safe.

In fact, even without using the dishwasher, cleaning the blender is incredibly easy. Clearly, straightforward maintenance adds up to the question, is Vitamix worth it?

Anyway, here’s how you clean the blender in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add warm water to about half of the pitcher and add a little bit of dishwashing liquid. You can also rinse it before adding the soapy water.
  2. Blend for 30 seconds at speed 7 or max (based on experience, using speed 7 is more than enough for cleaning).
  3. After blending, rinse the pitcher and the lid and let dry.

This whole process will not even take you a minute, which is faster than using the dishwasher.

Moreover, this is what they mean by self-cleaning. You can clean the pitcher by using the blender’s power itself. Also, some models highlight an auto-clean preset.

For the motor base, you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. If you choose the smart ascent series, it features a touchscreen, so it’s easier to wipe than the older models.

13. The safety feature is impressive

Vitamix blenders are equipped with automatic overload protection. This prevents overheating, which further avoids any unnecessary accidents and extends the machine’s lifespan.

vitamix safety switch

There’s also a safety switch on the side (as you can see in the picture to the right). So, you’d have more options if a situation arises that you can’t stop the operation using the standard power button.

The ascent series also has pitcher recognition. Simply put, the machine will not start unless you place a container onto the motor.

14. 10+ Available Accessories

Vitamix offers several accessories and attachments. Here are my favorites:

  1. Blending bowl for dressings;
  2. Vitamix blending cup for single-serve smoothies with double insulation to keep your drinks cold; and 
  3. Vitamix food processor attachment for slicing and shredding.
vitamix accessories - blending bowl and cup, food processor, stainless steel container

Of course, other attachments are handy. For instance, you should consider the dry grains container if you like to grind fresh flour for baking. 

If you’re more of a hot soup person, then a stainless steel pitcher is an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal. There’s also the so-called Aer disc container which is perfect for emulsifying drinks.

Furthermore, Vitamix also offers a 48-ounce vessel if you only need small servings.

You can also get beneficial accessories such as the under-blade scraper and tamper holder.

Last but not least, Vitamix also offers a smart scale which brings me to my next point…

15. Smart Technology (Ascent Series)

Instead of calling it a smart blender, perhaps we should call it a “clever blender?” 

Kidding aside, let’s talk about its high-tech features.

The timer and automatic settings are instinctively one of the smart technologies. 

The pitcher recognition is one too. However, I didn’t mention one other important aspect of this self-detect technology. In simple terms, this technology will adjust the walkaway blend settings  (A3500 and A2500) according to the pitcher you’re using.

For instance, if you place the blending cup, it will disable the hot soup preset. It will also adjust the other settings accordingly.

Perfect Blend App
Source: Vitamix

The following smart and contemporary technology is the Vitamix Blending App which works well with the smart scale. Essentially, your Vitamix (Ascent) can connect to your phone.

You have free access to 500+ blending recipes by using the app, and you can utilize its 17 walkaway blend settings. 

With all that said, the overall build quality of Vitamix is utterly off-the-charts

16. Vitamix blenders last for a long time

This is one more crucial variable on what makes a Vitamix worth it (and the best). 

In any case, most Vitamix lasts for more than a decade, given that you take care of it. As a matter of fact, many Vitamix owners have reported that they have had their Vitamix for more than 10 years, and it still works perfectly.

Now, here are the factors as to why Vitamix blenders last a long time:

I already mentioned the overload protection and the blunt blades, so that’s two. 

Vitamix blenders also feature a proper airflow of the motor and a cooling fan, which further prevents overheating. Which then again showcases their well-designed motor.

This is also why Vitamix can run six minutes at a time without overheating. Cheaper blenders won’t even be able to run for more than 3 minutes at a time.

There are also metal gear wheels that connect the motor and the blades. Without a doubt, this will last a lot longer than plastic gears. 

ninja plastic gears vs vitamix metal gears
Ninja blender on the left, Vitamix on the right

To top it all off:

Vitamix blenders have 5-10 years of warranty for their high-powered blenders. 

You see, warranties (sometimes) correlates with the longevity of the products. Think about it, if your product keeps on breaking before the warranty expires, consumers will likely claim that warranty. If a lot of people claimed it, you might not earn any profit.

In other words, Vitamix trusts its product enough to provide a lengthy warranty. 

Best of all:

Vitamix is the ONLY blender brand that covers normal wear and tears from regular household use!⁽⁸⁾

17. Value for the money

With all those reasons mentioned above, getting a Vitamix is already the best bang for your buck type of deal.

Here’s more:

Assuming that chap blenders only have a lifespan of a year or two. Then, in 10 years, you may replace it many times (suppose it’s the same average price). The total expenditure might reach $1000.

If that’s the case, in the long haul, buying cheap blenders is going to be more expensive than getting a Vitamix forthwith.

As if that’s not enough:

Purchasing a Vitamix will also be more economical than buying smoothies from a fast food smoothie bar. This is especially true if you buy smoothies daily.


For instance, smoothies have an average price of $6 (from where I am). On the other hand, homemade smoothies will approximately be $3 (I used a strawberry banana smoothie to compute the cost). 

So, assuming that you’re going to buy smoothies daily in 1 year, it will cost you $2,190. On the other hand, if you were to get a Vitamix and you’ll make a daily smoothie? It’ll be approximately $500 less (including the price of a Vitamix blender).

Cons: Why Vitamix may not be for you?

It will be unfair to only talk about the good things, right? So, let’s talk about the disadvantages of Vitamix.

  1. The first con and the most obvious is the price which is a significant investment. Luckily, there are affordable options such as the Vitamix E310, Vitamix One, or perhaps a refurbished model. You can also opt for a payment plan.
  2. If you won’t use it often, it’s simply not practical. In that case, you’re better off with cheap blenders that (actually) work.
  3. Making a single-serve thick blend recipe will be cumbersome. If that’s the case, you will need at least 4 cups worth of constituents. Fortunately, a single-serve 12-ounce smoothie is still doable.
  4. Considering that Vitamix is a powerful blender, it’s a rather noisy one. The Ascent Series is technically quieter than the older models, but it’s still ear-piercing. If you need a silent blender, check out the Blendtec Pro 800 instead.

Final Thoughts

In my experience, the most crucial variables that pushed me to buy a Vitamix are #16 and #17. Before purchasing anything expensive, I always ask myself if it’s an excellent long-term investment (or, in short, if it’s worth it?) And for the Vitamix blender? It sure is worth the splurge.

So, with all of that said, I can confidently say that Vitamix is 100% worth the money. So, if you ever decide to get a Vitamix, here’s a list of the best Vitamix blenders of 2021.

P.S. These are also all the reasons why Vitamix is our best blender of all time.

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