Ninja vs Vitamix: Should You Go Smart or Go Tamperless?

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Ninja vs Vitamix Comparison
Ninja vs Vitamix Comparison

Vitamix is the most popular blender brand, and next to it is Ninja. They are indeed the proper rivals. There’s no wonder why lots of consumers are trying to compare Ninja vs Vitamix.

In terms of blend quality, nothing compares to Vitamix. But, when it comes to value for the money, Ninja has a lot of cheaper options. I mean, the brand has more than a hundred affordable blenders in its product catalog.

We’ll get to that in a second, but to kick things off, here’s a quick comparison between Ninja and Vitamix.

Ninja vs Vitamix Comparison Table

Ninja BlendersVitamix Blenders
Price Range$ – $$$$$$-$$$$$
Blend Quality8/1010/10
Power (Watts)Up to 1500-watt (2 HP)Up to 1500-watt (2.2 HP)
Noise levelMost are around 95 dB84 dB (Ascent) – 98 dB
Hot Blends?ONLY the Ninja Hot and Cold BlenderYes
Thick blends?Only a selected few: Ninja Foodi Personal Blender, Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher, Ninja Foodi Hot and Cold blenderYes
Dishwasher safe
(removable parts)
Yes (except for the cooking blender)Yes (except for the old versions)
Programmable timerJust a countdownYes (A3300, A3500, V1200)
Walkaway blending
(automatic presets)
Yes (most of the new products)Yes (A2500, A3500, Pro 750)
Speed1-3 speeds
(Foodi Power Pitcher has 10)
Up to 10-speed
(some high-end models has a total of 19)
Control TypeButtons, dial (only the ninja foodi power blender)Dial, buttons, lever
Smart FeaturesNoYes (Vitamix Perfect Blend App)
CapacityUp to 72-ounceUp to 64-ounce
AccessoriesFood processor, personal cup, coffee and spice grinderFood Processor, personal cup, dry grains container, blending bowl, stainless steel container, aerating disc container
Warranty1 year5-10 years


  • When it comes to blend quality and extensive use cases, Vitamix is the best out there.
  • Pricing-wise, Ninja is on the cheaper end of the spectrum.
  • The only brand that offers smart features is Vitamix. So, if you’re after a blender that pairs with your smartphone, then you know which brand to pick.
  • Most Ninja Blenders are a package deal which include a number of accessories, particularly food processors and personal cup(s). 
  • For the most extended warranty, Vitamix wins.

Here’s the deal:

Even with those data, it can be confusing since those are from their overall blenders. So, to compensate for that, let’s dive deeper by reviewing each of their best product, shall we? 

In addition, there’ll be more specific tables to help with your decision-making.

Flagship Blenders: Ninja Foodi SS351 vs. Ninja Foodi HB152 vs. the Vitamix Ascent Series

Ninja Foodi SS351, silver
Ninja Foodi SS351
Ninja Foodi HB152
Ninja Foodi HB152
Vitamix A3500
Vitamix A3500
10-speed dial3-speed buttons10-speed dial
~98 dB~98 dB~84 dB
6 automatic blend settings11 automatic blend settings5 automatic blend settings
Countdown timerCountdown timerProgrammable timer
Nutri bowl (with built-in tamper), personal cup, dough bladen/aIt comes with a tamper
Use the Nutri Bowl for thick blendsRequires more effort (and liquid)Can effortlessly handle thick blends
n/aCan heat constituents with the built-in heating elementCan heat soups with its raw power
1-year warranty1-year warranty10-year warranty

I added 2 Ninja blenders for the top-of-the-line Ninja vs Vitamix Comparison as they have a particular feature that the other Ninja doesn’t. In any case, let’s talk about these products in-depth.

Ninja Foodi SS351 Power Pitcher System

Ninja Foodi SS351

The Ninja Foodi SS351 is a 4-in-1 kitchen system. It includes the blender itself, food processor, dough mixer, and a personal smoothie maker. So, just like most of the Ninja Foodi Products, it’s a best value option.


As noted in the comparison table, this Foodi Blender can make thick blends such as nut butter and smoothie bowls. Simply put, the Ninja SS351 Blender is so much better than the majority of cheap blenders.

Here’s the catch:

In terms of the blender applications/recipes, the only thing you can’t use the Foodi SS351 for is blending dry grains and hot blends. Nonetheless, it’s already more than capable without the lavish price tag.

You can read the full review of Ninja Foodi SS351 here.

Ninja Foodi HB152 Hot and Cold Blender

Ninja Foodi HB152

The Hot and Cold Blender’s expertise is hot blends. After all, it’s a Cooking Blender. To phrase it differently, it infuses better flavor, and you can even sauté in it! 

Here’s more:

Thanks to its blade design and powerful motor, the blend quality of Ninja HB152 is better than the Ninja Foodi SS351. That being said, the Ninja Hot and Cold Blender will still have a hard time with the thick blends.

In the end, as a budget option, the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher and Ninja Foodi Hot and Cold Blender are good choices. You just have to choose between the ability to do thick blends or hot blends.

You can read the full review of Ninja Foodi HB152 here.

Vitamix Ascent A3500 Smart Blender

Vitamix A3500, brushed stainless metal

Here’s the thing:

Vitamix is the best overall blender—excellent blend quality, extended warranty, innovative smart features (yes, this blender can connect to your phone), etc. 

Moreover, Vitamix can create nut butter and smoothie bowls effortlessly. On top of that, it also makes hot soups with just the blades’ friction, thanks to Vitamix’s robust motor. All these even without an extra attachment (same with kneading dough).

That said, it still requires a substantial investment. If you’re wondering if it’s really worth the money, you might want to read “Is Vitamix Worth It?

You can read the full review of Vitamix A3500 here.

Budget-Friendly Options: Vitamix One vs. Ninja BN701

Here’s the kicker:

In terms of Vitamix’s high-powered blenders, Vitamix E310 is the most affordable. Although it’s still undoubtedly pricey compared to Ninja BN701. Instead, let’s go for the newer Vitamix One.

Vitamix One
Vitamix One
Ninja BN701
Ninja BN701
Up to 32-ounceUp to 72 oz
Not dishwasher safeDishwasher safe
Variable speed dial3-speed control
n/a3 Automatic settings
2 years1 year

If you want to get into the Vitamix family, Vitamix One is an excellent entry-level compact blender from the brand. Even without that powerful motor, it still has that Vitamix quality they’re well known for.

Regardless, considering the price to features ratio, the Ninja BN701 is the clear winner. It highlights more powerful motor and walk-away blend settings that make the blending experience so much easier.

But wait, let me tell you something:

This version of Ninja Professional Plus doesn’t include any accessories. Instead, I recommend the best value option (that’s not so expensive compared to the BN701), Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System.

How do Personal Nutri Ninja Blenders fare against Vitamix?

nutri ninja blender bn401, cloud silver
Ninja BN401

Nutri Ninja is the obvious choice if you’ll only make smoothies for 2 people or just for yourself. Generally, Personal Blenders are more practical since it won’t cost you that much, nor will it take a significant space in your countertop (and, you can store it quickly).

As a matter of fact, our Best Smoothie Blender is from Ninja.

If you make 3 or more servings, you should go for a full-sized Ninja instead. 

On the contrary, Vitamix is more ideal if you’ll use the blender more often or if you’ll make recipes beyond smoothies. Oh, and by the way, Vitamix also offers a personal blending cup.

Little something extra:

The closest competitor of Ninja Personal Blenders would be Nutribullet Blenders. In fact, I’ve already ranked the best personal blenders from these two brands—Ninja Bullet Blenders. Feel free to check it out.

So, is Ninja or Vitamix better?

In most aspects, Vitamix is better than Ninja. If we tally the points in this Ninja vs Vitamix Comparison, Vitamix got 4 out of 7, whereas Ninja has 3 out of 7. The last section is situational, so let’s call it a tie.

Regardless, there are factors that weigh more than others that you should definitely consider. For instance, budget:


As I have mentioned, again and again, Ninja Blenders are so much cheaper. On average, you can buy 3 Ninja Blenders for the price of Vitamix A3500.

So, for this factor, Ninja is the clear winner.

Blend Quality

Vitamix is definitely on top of its game, but that doesn’t make Ninja a lousy blender. If I give Ninja a score, it would be 8 out of 10, more than just a passing grade. Take a look at this comparison:

vitamix vs ninja blend off
Ninja on the left, Vitamix on the right

Here’s something ironic:

Using the personal cups of Ninja yields better smoothie consistency than their full-sized containers. In fact, in the image above, I used the Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender.

In short, for the basic smoothie recipes, Ninja is good enough.

Power and blade design

In terms of power and blade design, their differences are drastic. 

First off, Vitamix Blenders:

vitamix blades
Vitamix blades

Vitamix is indeed powerful, with an excellent hardened stainless steel blade that efficiently crushes any ingredient you throw at it. Best of all, it’s highly durable so it will last you a long time.

On the other hand, Ninja has sharp total crushing blades with a powerful (yet, not a high-performance) motor. It’s effective enough that it can make snow from ice cubes in a matter of seconds.

Here’s the catch:

The towering blade of ninja creates a turbulent action when blending. To put it in perspective, it pushes the ingredients to the sides, which leaves some components unblended. That’s also why Ninja Nutri Cups have better blend quality. 

Easy to use and clean

Nowadays, most blenders are self-cleaning and dishwasher safe, which is valid with both Vitamix and Ninja. Instead, let’s talk about their ease of use.

Here’s the deal:

IMHO having a dial for adjusting speed/power is more accessible than pressing a button multiple times to get to max speed. Luckily, all Vitamix Blenders feature a speed knob. NinjaKitchen also has a model with a variable dial—Ninja SS351

Another beneficial control is the automatic blend settings that most Ninja Blenders have. On the other hand, only a chosen few Vitamix models offer presets and programmable timers.

On the flip side:

Ninja Blender’s assembly isn’t straightforward compared to any other brand. Here’s a video tutorial:

Fortunately, this is only a nuisance for first-time users. Over time, it won’t even be a problem.


The best thing about Ninja Blenders is that some models already have the personal cup and food processor attachment. Therefore, Ninja has a reputation for having the best bang for your buck type of products.

But wait, let me tell you something:

Ninja Food Processor Attachment actually doesn’t include a slicing/shredding disc, which happens to be crucial. It’s only suitable for kneading dough or chopping ingredients.

Regardless, when it comes to available accessories that are genuinely beneficial, Vitamix wins:

vitamix accessories - blending bowl and cup, food processor, stainless steel container
From left to right: blending bowl, blending cup, food processor, stainless steel container
  • Vitamix Blending Cup that allows your machine to double as a personal blender;
  • Blending Bowl for single-serve salad dressings;
  • A Dry Grains Container for milling your own flour;
  • Stainless Steel vessel which is excellent for hot blends;
  • Aerating Container for emulsifying, whipping, etc. Best of all;
  • Vitamix Food Processor Attachment that includes a shredding/slicing disc.

Just so you know, unlike Ninja, you don’t necessarily need to buy extra accessories for kneading, grinding flour, and making hot blends. Most Vitamix Blenders can already handle those right out of the box.

MOST IMPORTANT: Longevity or Durability

This is the primary deal breaker of this debate.

In this category, Vitamix triumphs with its 10-year warranty for its premium products. Whereas Ninja only has a one-year warranty. 

Anyway, other than the warranty, the build quality dramatically affects the lifespan of a blender as well.

For instance, Ninja Blenders depend on their sharp blades, so they’ll get dull over time. Vitamix Blenders, on the other hand, have hardened stainless steel blunt blades which last longer.

Think about it, knives go dull after a month or so of use (depends on how much you use it, of course). But, knives can be easily sharpened. Blender blades, on the other hand, are a no-no.

Here’s more:

The type of gear they’re also using matters. Take a look at this picture:

ninja plastic gears vs vitamix metal gears
Ninja on the left, Vitamix on the right

Indeed, it’s common knowledge that plastic gears wear out faster than metal ones. 

In other words, Vitamix will certainly outlast Ninja. In fact, a lot of Vitamix owners reported that their blenders have outlived the warranty. That’s a major win right there.

That being said, this only applies if you’ll use the blender often. If not, then Ninja will be more practical. In addition, Ninja Blenders can also last long when you take good care of them.

Final Verdict: Ninja vs Vitamix

With all things considered, Ninja Blenders are a great option in the budget-friendly range. So, let me leave you with the Best Ninja Blender—Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System.

On the contrary, if you’re in it for the long haul, then I highly recommend you invest in a long-lasting Vitamix Blender. Such as the (sort of) affordable Vitamix E310 or the premium Vitamix A3500.

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