Nutribullet GO Review (2023) The Best Cordless Portable Blender. Period.

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nutribullet go cordless blender, black
nutribullet go cordless blender, black

Nutribullet Go is one of the brand’s latest innovations. It’s a decent-looking cordless blender that doesn’t scream cheap.

The best part about it is you can get it in one of these colors: red, white, black, or silver to match your fashion statement.

The thing is…

Cordless blenders are only good at mixing drinks. Say you want something to mix your protein shake, or perhaps whip up a simple smoothie recipe. Its 70-watt motor is good enough for those tasks.


However, don’t expect it to produce the same results as the Magic Bullet, let alone the Nutribullet Pro. It’s surely going to struggle with crushing ice and breaking down the tough fibers from your leafy greens.

You should only consider it if you’re looking for a travel-friendly blender that wouldn’t take much space in your luggage. Nutribullet Go’s ultimate selling point is its wireless feature.

But, there’s undoubtedly more to it than just being rechargeable. Let’s find out what those are, starting with pros:


  • Budget-friendly
  • Cute looking blender
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Easy to use
  • Full charge is approximately 20 cycles
  • 13 oz (384 mL) cup
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year warranty


  • 70-watt motor is not that powerful
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • 3 hours of charging time

Nutribullet Cordless Blender Features

What can you make with Nutribullet Go?

As I’ve just mentioned, the Nutribullet Go is only capable of two things—making simple smoothie recipes and mixing protein shakes.

a glass of green smoothie
protein shakes
Protein Shakes

The only upside to having a cordless blender is it’s highly portable. You can bring it along with your travels, at the office, gym or inside your car.

However, there’s a catch:

You can only run it for about 30 seconds for each cycle. Then again, that’s good enough for the recipes mentioned above.

Bonus: The Nutribullet GO is a perfect companion for the brand’s very own Superfood Essential Supplements.

See the Nutribullet GO in action:

The Nutribullet GO Blender highlights a 70-watt motor, rotating up to 18,000 RPM,  excellent for smoothies and protein shakes. Thanks to its cordless and lightweight feature, Nutribullet GO is perfect for active lifestyles. Besides, with its small size, it’s certainly easy to use and maintain.

Is Nutribullet Cordless easy to use?

The Nutribullet GO Portable Blender is just as straightforward as other Nutribullet Personal Blenders featuring a one-button operation. The main difference is the light indicator.

nutribullet go base

Here’s how it works:

If it flashes red and blue light, that means you need to secure the cup. When it’s not tightened, the blender will not run. Additionally, it will blink red five times to tell you when it needs to cool down.

*All the LED indicators are in the manual.

You need to press the power button twice to start the motor, which will hinder you from accidentally starting the machine. Moreover, this blender automatically stops after 30 seconds to prevent pressure buildup or overheating.

With all that said, the Nutribullet GO’s safety feature is off the charts. Apart from protection, there’s also the convenience of being lightweight and small. Think of it this way, just like our smartphones; you can bring it wherever and use it anytime.

On the flip side:

Since it takes 3 hours to charge fully, it’s better to plan your day. Luckily, it can support up to 20 cycles, which is more than enough for a day of use. 

Also, the lid and cup are not dishwasher safe. Even so, it’s pretty tiny—therefore, you can effortlessly and quickly clean it.

*Product Images and Video Courtesy of Nutribullet

Nutribullet Cordless Blender Specs

TypePersonal Blender
Brand / SeriesNutribullet Specialty
Ratings4.4 out of 5
Motor70 watts
Container Capacity13-ounce (384 mL)
Dishwasher safeNo
BPA FreeYes
ColorsBlack, Red, White, Silver
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Warranty1 year warranty on parts
Lifetime Guarantee (for the motor)
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This table shows the technical specifications of Nutribullet GO Blender.

Is Nutribullet GO worth it?

If you’re in the market for the best blender on-the-go, the Nutribullet GO Cordless Blender is worth checking out. There are only a few cordless blenders out there, and this product stands on top of it all.

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