Medical Medium Juicer Review (2023) The Omega MM900HDS

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Key Points

  • Designed for juicing celery, this juicer is able to handle very dense vegetables and fruits.
  • The small chute requires some preparation and knife work for produce other than celery and leafy greens.
  • There are two caps, one for celery and one for everything else. It is important to use the right accessories for the right juices.

Omega Medical Medium Masticating Juicer (MM900HDS)


If you’re part of the global celery juice movement, the MM900HDS Omega Juicer is indeed a perfect choice for your juicing needs. Not only does it excel in extracting juice from celery stalks, but it can also help you make green juices and other basic juice recipes.

It’s not just a Medical Medium juicer; it’s a dependable all-around juice maker. And, the best part about it is it comes with a 15-year product guarantee.

  • Optimized for making celery juices
  • Slow RPM motor for maximum nutrient retention
  • High juice yield
  • 15-year Warranty
  • Optimized for making celery juices
  • Slow RPM motor for maximum nutrient retention
  • 72 hours of juice shelf life
  • Great for juicing dense produce, citruses, and leafy greens
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • External pulp ejection for continuous juicing
  • The official medical medium juicer
  • No capabilities beyond juicing
  • Not suited for processing soft fruits
  • Narrow chute requires additional prep time
  • Not suited for processing soft fruits
  • Some users report a pulpy juice, you might need a sieve
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02/18/2024 05:28 pm GMT

The Omega MM900HDS is the official Medical Medium juicer. It’s optimized for juicing celery but also for handling leafy greens, dense produce, and citruses.

It’s based on the Omega J8006 and the J8008 architecture with a more significant funnel design, more extensive and stronger screen housing, a more powerful motor, and BPA-free parts. It also has a special celery attachment to ensure you get the most juice possible from your celery.

In short, Omega MM900HDS is a heavy-duty juice maker that you can depend on.

One thing that I’d like to point out is that this product is strictly made for juicing. It doesn’t offer other food processing functions, unlike its predecessors. I can still recommend this as an effective and easy-to-use juicer for those who need only that feature or those just getting started with the experience.

The Omega MM900HDS horizontal masticating juicer.
While many masticating juicers are multi-function, the Omega Medical Medium Juicer is dialed in specifically for juicing.

The Omega MM900 juicer has won many awards and recommendations as the best inexpensive juicer for those who must juice for their health with minimal investment. Better yet, the simplicity of this juicer makes it easy for anyone to get started juicing with little knowledge.

Here are a few awards and recommendations to consider:

Juicing Journal Awards

Omega MM900HDS Features

MM900HDS is a very straightforward product. All you have to do is assemble six parts to get you started juicing. It will only take you a minute, even if you’re new to juicing.

This is a great inexpensive juicer if you need juice for health or therapy, but it isn’t for everyone. If you want more features like I do, you might want to spend more on a more comprehensive juicer.

End Cap Just for Celery

celery end cap

The Omega MM900HDS Juicer comes with a specific end cap just for celery. Despite celery’s high water content, it is notoriously fibrous. It’s also notoriously difficult on juicers.

But this juicer, including its unique celery cap, is designed specifically to juice celery. The other cap enables you to juice other items from time to time.

But this juice is made for celery!

Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer

A slow masticating juicer has less oxidation than centrifugal juicers for high-nutrient juice, but a cold press juicer gives you the highest juice yields. The Medical Medium Cold Press Juicer offers the best of both worlds, masticating produce at just 80 RPMs and then pressing it, leaving behind very dry pulp.

Comes with 2 Pulp Extraction Tips

Most juicers can’t handle celery or dense roots like ginger, but the Omega MM900HDS slow-masticating cold press juicer has a pulp extraction tip specifically for these items. But the juicer isn’t just for celery – the other pulp extraction tip can juice everything you usually put in your juicer.

It is crucial, however, to use the right tip for the right produce. The user manual is helpful for determining which tip to use for which ingredients.

Tamper with Silicone Base

The tamper with this juicer is much more effective than others I’ve used. That’s because it has a silicone base that pushes down the ingredients without sliding around in the chute.

Long Cord for Convenient Operation

Many juicers have short cords that make it challenging to pull them to you for easy operation, especially if your only available outlet is behind the microwave. That’s why I love that this juicer has a 64-inch cord. You can quickly leave it plugged in and ready to go on your counter with other daily-use appliances. If you do want to store it, there is effective cord storage at the back of the unit.

Compact Design

Even though it’s a powerful juicer, the Omega MM900HDS has a fairly compact design. Its footprint is just 7.4 x 15.5 inches, and it only stands 13 inches high so it fits under most cabinets. This also helps you keep it stored easily on your counter.

Technical Specifications

TypeCold Press Juicer
Juice QualityHigh
Juice Shelf Life72 Hours
Dishwasher SafeYes, top-rack only
Pulp EjectionExternal
DesignHorizontal Masticating
Noise LevelLow
Warranty15 Years
Best for JuicingCelery
ApplicationIn-home (Not commercial)

Aside from the fact that Medical Medium is the official ambassador for the Omega Juicer MM900HDS, there’s a reason why it’s an excellent machine for juicing celeries. According to Anthony William, “The best juicer for juicing celery is a cold press masticating juicer.”, and I couldn’t agree more.

He is also right when he says, “Masticating juicers more gently and slowly extract the juice from celery and don’t generate as much heat during the juicing process. This helps to preserve as much of the nutrients in your celery as possible and minimize oxidation.”

Among other Omega masticating juicers, MM900HDS is the most efficient for juicing celery stalks. It has a tighter end cap that will help you maximize juice yield. That means you’ll get the most from your bunch of celery.

Is it easy to use?

The Omega M900 is very easy to use, but this is mostly due to its simplicity. I cannot stress enough that this masticating juicer is designed for use with celery, even though it can handle other dense produce with some chopping.

The only downside of any horizontal masticating juicer is its small chute opening. It requires your fruits and vegetables to be cut into small pieces. However, that’s not an issue with celery stalks, provided you’ll insert the narrow or flowery end of the produce first.

Another thing you’ll have to remember is the two end caps. Use the celery end cap for juicing celeries only. It has a tighter clearance designed to yield more juice from celery stalks. For the rest of the produce, use the standard end cap.

What makes Omega MM900HDS good for juicing celeries?

Upon comparing it with other Omega slow juicers, just one part makes this product a celery juicer—the celery end cap. It’s like a regular end cap fitted with a green insert, which made the opening a little tighter.

Theoretically, this simple adjustment should improve the efficiency of extracting juice from those fluid-filled stalks.

Juice Quality

As far as juice quality is concerned, the MM900HDS Omega Juicer can live up to Omega’s standards. It shares the same efficiency as its siblings as part of the horizontal masticating juice extractor family. You’ll get a higher juice yield loaded with nutrients with this product.

Non-Juicing Functions

Unfortunately, this is the only horizontal masticating juicer with no other food processing functions. It’s strictly made for juicing.

Omega Juicer MM900HDS doesn’t include a blank cone, blank end cap, or any specialty nozzles that come as standard accessories for Omega’s lineup of masticating juicers. 

Here are the things that you can’t do with the Medical Medium Juicer:

  • You can’t process soft fruits with it
  • Making non-dairy milk alternatives
  • Making baby food and nut butter
  • Grind beans
  • You can’t mince ingredients to make dips and sauces

Is Omega Juicer MM900HDS easy to clean?

All the detachable parts of the Medical Medium Celery Juicer are top-rack dishwasher safe. For the best results, you might want to soak those parts in warm water diluted with a few drops of either baking soda or dishwashing soap for about 30 minutes before running it in your dishwasher.

What kinds of produce can Omega MM900HDS juice?

Aside from juicing celery, it also works well for a range of dense fruits and vegetables, citruses, and leafy greens.

Why buy an Omega Celery Juicer?

I like to juice many types of produce, so I was curious about why someone might want a juicer specifically for celery. Celery has many vitamins and minerals that are known to reduce inflammation. According to Medical Today, this may have benefits for conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Allergic asthma
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Reducing Inflammation in cancer patients

A celery juicer is the best way to improve health for many people. It has also positively affected cholesterol, blood pressure, and general cardiovascular health.

I also want to point out that this juicer can juice other produce. It is best for dense produce like leafy greens, carrots, and dense citrus fruits. That makes this an ideal starter juicer for those learning how to use products to improve their health through juicing.

What Are Alternatives to the Omega MM900HDS?

While this juicer is specifically made for juicing celery, most horizontal masticating juicers will do a good job. If you want an inexpensive alternative, check out the Ninja Horizontal Juicer. It isn’t as well-made as this juicer, but it does a good job juicing celery.

See the Omega Celery Juicer in Action

Don’t take my word for it. Watch this official product video of Omega:

Is Omega MM900HDS worth it?

If you’re part of the global celery juice movement, the Omega MM900HDS Juicer is a perfect choice for your juicing needs. Not only does it excel in extracting juice from celery stalks, but it can also help you make green juices and other essential juice recipes.

It’s not just a Medical Medium juicer; it’s a dependable all-around juice maker. And the best part about it is it comes with a 15-year product guarantee.

But if you’re not juicing celery and want some additional features, I recommend checking out one of these other Omega juicers instead.

Omega MM900HDS Celery Juicer Review | Juicing Journal

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