Omega MMV700S Review (2023) MegaMouth Vertical Low-Speed Juicer

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Best Cold Press Omega Juicer
Omega MegaMouth Vertical Low Speed Quiet Juicer
$579.95 $513.24
  • Larger chute opening than standard vertical slow juicers
  • It can process all types of produce
  • Highly efficient at extracting juice from fruits and veggies
  • Minimal oxidation due to its low RPM
  • 3 days juice shelf life
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compact design
  • Silent operation
  • BPA free components
  • Equipped with juicing cap for mixing juices on the go
  • It comes with a blank strainer for making soy or almond milk, pureeing soft fruits and as well as other food processing functions
  • 10 years warranty coverage for household use
  • It can also be used for commercial purposes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Aside from shelling out a significant investment on this cold press juicer, I can’t think of any other disadvantages.
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09/19/2023 06:01 pm GMT

Omega MMV700S MegaMouth Vertical Low-Speed Juicer is the newest contender in the whole slow juicer arena. I wouldn’t say it’s a full-pledged whole slow juicing machine, but it’s an excellent addition to this new breed of juice extractors.

This particular product has a 76mm wide inlet, which is equivalent 2.99 inches. Top end whole slow juicers have a dual chute system, having one of its opening measuring more than 3 inches in diameter to accommodate whole apples.

Award: #5 Best Omega Juicer

It would only mean that the MMV700S can only take on smaller apples. This fact makes it inferior to its rivals, but let’s further investigate. Besides, I had high hopes for this machine because it bears the Omega logo.

I would say that Omega Mega Mouth Vertical Low-Speed Juicer got its design inspiration from the very first Kuvings whole slow juicer and its successor, the Whole Slow Juicer Elite. It may not look like those juice extractors, but it does precisely the same thing. There’s basically no difference to what these three machines can do.

All three are capable of juicing dense produce, leafy greens, and citruses. They all include a complimentary blank strainer for pureeing soft fruits, making soy and almond milk, and for homogenizing purposes. Last but not least, they all have a dedicated cleaning tool for the filter basket.

Cheaper Alternative

The MMV700S isn’t the only vertical Omega Juicer. The Omega Cold Press 365 isn’t as an elite of a juicer as the MMV700S, but it is available at a much lower cost.

Omega MMV700S Features

Is it easy to use?

There are some technicalities to operating whole slow juicers like the Omega MMV700S. The thing is, you need to cut your produce into different ways if you don’t want to damage it. This inconvenience is true to any wide chute vertical slow juicers.

Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning the Omega MMV700S can be a little challenging. The drum lid might get stuck if you don’t wash it right away. It would be ideal to clean your machine immediately after each use to avoid going thru this ordeal.

This product is not dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to wash it by hand. Don’t worry, the company will provide you with the necessary tools to maintain the pristine condition of your juicing machine. There’s a dedicated cleaning tool for the filter basket and a separate cleaning brush for hard to reach crevices.

See the Omega MMV700S in action

Don’t take my word for it, watch this official product video of Omega:

Juice Quality

In terms of juice quality, there’s no doubt that the Omega MMV700S Juicer and Nutrition Center delivers. Slow juice makers excel in nutrient retention and juice extraction efficiency.

Less oxidation happens in a low RPM juicing chamber. With low oxygen exposure, your juice doesn’t spoil that quickly as with centrifugal juicers. You can store it for up to three days. It won’t be on the same level as the first five minutes of its shelf life, but you can still enjoy most of the nutrients.

What kinds of produce can Omega MMV700S juice?

This juice press can process all types of produce. Be it dense and fibrous ones, delicate items, citruses, leafy greens, or soft fruits. The Omega MMV700S can surely handle it. Not to mention that it’s also designed to make nut-based milk alternatives.

Dense and water-filled produce such as celery, watermelon, apple, pepper, pineapple, asparagus, cucumber, turmeric, fennel, sweet potato, cauliflower, ginger, beets, carrots, pear, and yakon are no match for this electric juicer.

It would still be wise to slice your fruits and vegetables. Even though the inlet is almost 3 inches in diameter, it can only take whole apples which are delicate enough for the juicer to process.

To be honest, I wouldn’t really put a whole apple in it, I would still remove the stem, core, and its seeds.

What’s the point of having a large chute then?

You don’t have to cut your produce into smaller pieces with a chute that big. In addition, it can take larger portions and a generous quantity of fruits and vegetables in one go. To some extent, it’s going to speed up the entire juicing process.

To continue, the Omega MMV700S can juice any citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc. If you want to add some pulp in your drink, you might want to get the optional coarse strainer. By the way, the rinds, peel, and seeds of these fruits should be removed prior to juicing.

This cold press juice maker was designed for making green juices. Feel free to drop any leafy greens you’d like down the juicing chamber.

You’ll get a complimentary blank strainer when you purchase this juicer. This accessory will help you puree soft fruits, make soy and almond milk, homogenize baby foods, and make fruit sorbets.

Technical Specifications

TypeCold Press Juicer
Rating4.2 out of 5.0
Juice QualityHigh
Juice Shelf Life72 Hours
Dishwasher SafeNo
Pulp EjectionExternal
Motor60 RPM
Wattage240 Watts
Chute Size2.9 inches (76mm)
BuildPlastic (BPA Free)
Noise LevelLow
WarrantyUSA/Canada – 10 Years Parts & Performance
Commercial & International – 1 Year
Best for JuicingSoft & Hard Produce, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Nuts & Beans
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This table shows the technical specifications of Omega Juicer MMV700S.

Is Omega MMV700S worth it?

Omega MMV700S MegaMouth Vertical Low-Speed Juicer and Nutrition Center is the missing piece of the kitchen equipment company’s line of juice extractors. It’s not a bad product, but it’s way behind the trend.

With that said, I still recommend this product to experienced juicers who are looking to upgrade their old juicing machine. It has all the bells and whistles you would expect from an Omega Juicer.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this product is unavailable. The good news is that, there are still outstanding Omega juicers you might want to check out.

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