The Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender Is a Superstar Tech-Enabled Blender

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Reviewing the A2500

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

$549.95 $478.95

The Vitamix A2500 is a high-powered smart blender. The unit has a 10-speed variable dial with three automatic blend settings to boost usability. The Vitamix A2500 also features wireless connectivity, pitcher recognition, and a timer. When paired with the Perfect Blend app, the A2500 is nearly unbeatable.

  • Modern, sophisticated design
  • Appropriate pricing for a high-end blender
  • Three pre-programmed settings
  • Digital timer
  • Plus, 17 preset programs when linked to the Vitamix Perfect Blend App
  • Ten variable speeds
  • 64-ounce (1.89 L) low-profile container included
  • Ounce and cup measurement markings
  • The lid plug doubles as a measuring cup
  • Laser-cut hardened stainless steel blade
  • Smart Accessories compatible
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe and self-cleaning
  • 10-year warranty
  • High price point
  • Classic switches tend to accumulate dust and food particles
  • Incredibly loud
  • Smart container connection issues
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02/18/2024 07:36 am GMT

The Vitamix A2500 Blender is one of the four blenders in the Ascent Series. It is pricey for a blender but cheaper than other units in the Ascent family. The build quality, warranty, and features on the A2500 warrant the unit’s price tag.

Usually, the A2500 is $40 – $70 more expensive than the A2300. For the extra cost, you get three preset blending options for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. Vitamix is trying to give you more options with its innovative blender series.

The Vitamix A2500 marries classic Vitamix power and high-tech features. The unit sports traditional control levers, a dial, and all the technologically advanced features.

What can you make with Vitamix A2500?

The Vitamix A2500 is an amazingly powerful blender. Here’s a partial list of what you can do with your A2500 Ascent blender:

crushed ice
Crushed Ice
Hot Soup
nut butter
Nut Butter
Baby Food
Baby Food
tomato sauce
Sauces & Dips
salad dressing
Salad Dressing
nut milk
Nut Milk
ice cream
Frozen Desserts
smoothie bowl 1
Smoothie Bowls
frozen cocktails
coffee grounds
Coffee Grounds*
*This will work best with the Dry Grains attachment.

Yes, the Vitamix A2500 makes hot soup?

The A2500 can make hot soup. Friction from the steel blades will heat liquids 10 degrees every minute of blend time. The A2500 will heat liquids to 170 degrees. The unit can also accommodate blending boiling liquids as well. Always use caution when blending hot liquids.

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Blender Features

The Vitamix A2500 is more feature rich than it’s slightly less expensive A2300 sibling.

10 Speed Motor

One feature that sets the A2500 apart from its peers is that it is built with a 10-speed variable motor. With 10 different speeds and a variety of accessories, there isn’t much you can’t do with this blender!

👩‍💻 Technology

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Blender is equipped with distinctive intelligent features. Don’t let the lack of a touch screen trick you into thinking that this blender is not smart. The three preset blending plans are robust and reliable smart features.

📶 Wireless Connectivity

The motor base of the A2500 can tell what container you are using with the unit. Once identified, the unit will change power and time settings to fit best the pitcher used. Altering power and time settings optimizes the blending ability of the unit. Self-detecting features also help to protect the unit and accessories from damage, wear, and tear. 

📱 Perfect Blend App

Perfect Blend App
Get the most out of your Vitamix Ascent Blender with the Perfect Blend App.

When installed, the Perfect Blend app, you’ll have an additional 14 more shortcuts—spreads, chop dry ingredients, nut butter, foam milk, salad dressing, grind spices, baby food, marinades, frozen cocktails, non-dairy milk, thick dips, batter, acai bowl, and a self-cleaning button.

I feel like the A2500’s ability to use the Perfect Blend app is one of the unit’s most robust features. The app’s blending plans and recipes are perfect for exploring the unit’s capabilities. I am personally a fan of the Perfect Blend app. The app has helped to inspire me to try many new and healthy recipes while using the A2500.

🔥 Motor Overheat Detection

If the A2500’s motor overheats, the unit will shut down to allow time to cool off. Once an overheating event is detected, the unit will not work for 30-45 minutes. The safety feature is in place to protect your expensive Vitamix investment. Avoid overheating by following blending times found in the manual or on the app.

Is Vitamix A2500 easy to use?

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Control Switches

Vitamix Ascent Series A2500 has three program settings—smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. More preset blending plans are available when paired with the Perfect Blend app. The Perfect Blend app is free to use. Unlocking the thousands of free recipes and blending plans is a valuable option for the A2500.

This machine is a great option for those who don’t like the digital touch interface but still want smart features. You can still operate your blender with simplistic levers and turn knobs. I feel that having physical switches and knobs are more reliable than touch screens. I am pretty had on kitchen equipment, and the well-built controls of the A2500 showed no signs of wear and tear.

In terms of maintenance, Vitamix blenders are self-cleaning and dishwasher-safe. The pitcher, blades, and most accessories are entirely dishwasher safe. As with all Vitamix blenders, we recommend using warm water and soap to clean the unit. I will place the water and soap in the pitcher and blend for a minute or two. The power unit of any blender should never be submerged in water. Why clean the blender when the blender can clean itself?

See Vitamix A2500 in action

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a quick demo video of Vitamix A2500.

The Vitamix A2500 is a high-power blender that belongs to the Ascent Series. It has a traditional 10-speed variable dial with 3 automatic blend settings to boost usability. Furthermore, the Vitamix A2500 is a smart blender that features wireless connectivity, pitcher recognition, and a timer.

Vitamix A2500 Accessories

These accessories are the most exciting part of the Ascent Series. Your Vitamix A2500 is compatible with all of these BPA-free and dishwasher-safe attachments.

  • Vitamix Ascent Series Container, 64oz. Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT
    $169.95 $140.00

    This low-profile self-detect 64-ounce (1.89 L) jar will fit most countertops easily. The 64oz container is ideal for large crowds and families as it can make up to 12 servings of smoothies, frozen desserts, and soups.

    Buy Now
    02/18/2024 08:46 am GMT
  • Vitamix Ascent Series Container, 48 oz. with SELF-DETECT
    $154.95 $144.95

    If you’re usually the host for gatherings, having an extra container is a good idea. Plus, when you’re only making a smaller batch, this self-detect 48-ounce (1.4 L) jar is more practical than using the big one. The 48oz container is perfect as a backup container or for smaller gatherings or families.

    Buy Now
    02/18/2024 09:22 am GMT
  • Vitamix Ascent Series Dry Grains Container, 48 oz. with SELF-DETECT
    $154.95 $118.99

    Apart from regular containers, there is also a 48-ounce (1.4 L) self-detect dry container. Why so many? You can also use the standard jar, but if you’re going to use your Vitamix A2300 for dry ingredients more often, you should definitely get this. Equipped with a special blade, it prevents the ingredients from cramming, resulting in a delicate and consistent texture.

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    02/18/2024 10:17 am GMT
  • Vitamix Stainless Steel Container, 48 oz

    The stainless-steel container is geared towards professionals. The stainless-steel container helps to retain the vivid flavors of the ingredients in your recipes. It’s resistant to stains and odors, it’s non-reactive, and most importantly, it’s durable.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/18/2024 10:33 am GMT
  • Vitamix Self-Detect Blending Bowl Starter Kit, 8 oz
    $39.95 $37.00

    The 64-ounce (1.89 L) container that comes standard with the A2300 will not work for small recipes. For example, if you’re making a sauce, you need at least 2 cups worth of constituents. That’s where this 8-ounce (240 mL) blending bowl comes in. The tiny but mighty 8oz blender bowl is worth the extra money!

    Buy Now
    02/18/2024 08:12 pm GMT
  • Vitamix Ascent Series Blending Cup Starter Kit, 20 oz. with SELF-DETECT

    When you’re only making single-serve smoothies, having a personal cup is convenient. You can have your personal cup with the Vitamix blending cup starter kit. It requires less clean up and is easy to carry around. The 20oz blending cup is perfect for pre or post-workout smoothies!

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  • Vitamix 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT

    The days of having a separate food processor and blender are over. With the Vitamix food processor attachment, your Vitamix A2300 can double as a food processor. Save some space in the kitchen cabinets and toss your food processor.

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    02/18/2024 10:42 am GMT
  • Vitamix Aer Disc Container, 48 oz.
    $154.95 $122.00

    Go beyond the Explorian blending capabilities with this Vitamix Aer Disc Container. You can extract juice, emulsify sauces, spreads, dips, dressings, foam drinks, or whip cream with this attachment. Adding the Aer Disc container to the E310, E320, or A2300 turns the blender into a blender / mixer hybrid.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/18/2024 11:18 am GMT
  • Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App

    Unlock a whole new level for your blender with Vitamix Smart Scale. Connect this with your app, which will guide you on how many ingredients you should put in. The Smart Scale app is perfect for those who measure macros in their diet.

    Buy Now

Technical Specifications

TypeCountertop Blender
Brand/SeriesVitamix Ascent Series
Model #VM0185A
Ratings4.6 out of 5
Motor2.2 HP
Speed10 variable speed settings with pulse feature
Wattage1500 Watts
BladeStainless Steel
Container capacity64 oz (1.89 L) pitcher
sold separately:
48 oz (1.4 L) container
20 oz (591 mL) cup
8 oz (240 mL) bowl
Dishwasher safeYes
BPA FreeYes
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 17 inches
Cord Length4 feet (1.2 m)
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Warranty10 Years
ManualOwner’s Manual
Related ProductsVitamix Ascent, Vitamix A3300, Vitamix A2300, Vitamix V1200, Ninja Foodi Hot and Cold Blender, KitchenAid K400, KitchenAid K150
This table shows the technical specifications of Vitamix Blender A2500.

Is Vitamix A2500 worth it?

The Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender is a powerful and well-built blender. It’s a highly versatile machine that can do much more than make smoothies. If you don’t have to have a touch screen, but do want technology, power, and wireless connectivity, then the A2500 could be perfect for you.

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