Vitamix One Review (2022) 100th Anniversary Blender

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Vitamix One Blender, black
Vitamix One Blender, black

The Vitamix One Blender is the brand’s 100th anniversary blending machine. As a symbol of Vitamix’s market dominance, this product has to be excellent, right?

Well, yes. It has many superlatives—the cheapest countertop Vitamix, best space-saving, and most simple control.

Here’s the deal:

This machine is the successor of the Vitamix S30, which was a personal/countertop blender. In other words, this blender is ideal if you don’t need hefty servings.

However, if you need a big capacity blender, you should check out the other Vitamix Blenders.

Now, let’s find out if the Vitamix One is for you, starting with its pros and cons.


  • Space-saving retro design
  • Cheapest Vitamix blender
  • Straightforward variable speed dial
  • Comes with a tamper
  • 840-watt robust motor
  • 32-ounce (946 mL) capacity
  • Laser-cut hardened stainless steel blade
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Cannot handle hot blends
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No pulse feature
  • Maximum of 3 minutes per cycle
  • Only 2-year warranty compared to the usual 5,7, and 10 years

Vitamix One Blender Features

What can you make with Vitamix One?

Just as you can expect from Vitamix, it can make various recipes. Better yet? It has the blending efficiency of the premium ones, even though it’s not as powerful.

Anyway, here are the recipes you can make with Vitamix One blender:

a glass of green smoothie
crushed ice
Crushed Ice
frozen dessert
Frozen Dessert
Strawberry Cocktail
baby food
Baby Food
salsa sauce
Sauces & Dips
salad dressing
Salad Dressing
almond milk
Nut Milk
Smoothie bowls
Smoothie bowls

Sadly, you can’t prepare these recipes with this blender: Nut butter, grinding grains, and anything hot. Also, you shouldn’t run it for more than 3 minutes since your recipe might heat up, and the pitcher is simply not designed for hot stuff.

By the way, you can make pureed soup, but you have to transfer it to a pot AFTER blending and then cook it.


This 3-minute limitation isn’t really that big of a deal. With Vitamix’s power and by utilizing the tamper, you can make hard-to-blend recipes such as sorbet in less than a minute.

Here’s more:

Even though it’s not a high-powered blender, the essential recipes you make will still have the famous “Vitamix quality” compared to regular blenders.

On the other hand, if you want a Vitamix for advanced recipes, you should consider the Vitamix E310 instead. It’s still in midrange budget, and it’s way more powerful.

See it in action

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a quick demo video of Vitamix One.

The Vitamix One is the most affordable countertop blender from the brand. It has a 32-ounce capacity pitcher perfect for 1-2 servings. Most importantly, this machine is 40% smaller than other Vitamix blenders, making it the best space-saver (excluding the immersion). It’s also straightforward to use since it only has one dial and no buttons.

Is it easy to use?

Here’s the kicker:

Of all the countertop blenders, the Vitamix One has the most straightforward controls. I mean, it only features one dial. That’s how simple it is!

Vitamix One controls

Now, this easy-to-use dial doubles as the power switch and variable speed control. So, before plugging your blender in, make sure to point the dial at “O.”

Here’s the catch:

There’s no actual pulse button. Luckily, you can still do pulse blending for chunky recipes. Simply turn the dial from off to lowest speed to off to lowest speed, and so on until you’re satisfied with the consistency.

Also, it’s not dishwasher safe, yet it’s still straightforward to clean. Just add warm soapy water and blend it for a few seconds. Afterward, rinse it, and you’re done! It won’t even take a minute.

You can also remove the centering pad for easy cleaning when there are unwanted spills. At the same time, the motor base will only require a simple wiping.

*Product Images and Video Courtesy of Vitamix

Technical Specifications

TypeCountertop Blender
Model #067892 | VM0217
Ratings4.5 out of 5
SpeedVariable speed
Wattage840 Watts
BladeLaser cut stainless steel
Container capacity32 oz (946 mL) pitcher
Dishwasher safeNo
BPA FreeYes
Dimensions 8.125 x 7 x 16 inches (20.64 x 17.78 x 40.64 cm)
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Warranty2 Years
This table shows the technical specifications of Vitamix 067892 or VM0217 Blender.

Is Vitamix One worth it?

Suppose you don’t need other Vitamix’s extra power and large capacity. In that case, the Vitamix One 100th Anniversary Blender is the more practical choice for you. It’ll save you a ton of money and, of course, space.

With its affordability, you can also get this as a gift or perhaps a blender for your RV.

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