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Kuvings CS700 – Whole Slow Juicer Master Chef

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Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer, CS700, Slow-Rotating Motor Reduces Noise, Ultra-Efficient 200W, 60RPMs, Inc. 1 Extra-Top Set, Stainless Steel
  • Juice an entire apple at once with the 3.5 inch flip gate chute
  • Motor design maximizes juice and juice quality
  • Quiet operation, just 50 to 60 decibels
  • Cooling system works as advertised, allowing you to operate it 24 hours a day
  • Makes a variety of products, including juice and sorbets
  • Included tools make cleaning easy
  • Smart cap prevents big messes
  • Less expensive vs other commercial-grade juicers
  • Very efficient, very dry pulp
  • Expensive - model is pricier than juicers intended for home use
  • Juicer is large so ensure adequate space before buying
  • Warranty is just for one year
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10/04/2023 02:21 am GMT

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Master Chef CS700 is the NSF-certified version of the Kuvings CS600. The device is advertised as an outstanding commercial juicer capable of standing up to rigorous use. But in writing my Kuvings CS700 review, I set out to find out how true those statements hold up to testing.

Kuvings CS700 Review – What the Manufacturer Claims

Kuvings markets the Master Chef CS700 as having a state-of-the-art cooling system. The cooling system and durable construction enables the juicer to run much longer than cheaper, personal juicers. In fact, Kuvings states the juicer can run for an entire 24 hours if you need it to. If you’re running a juice bar or restaurant that serves fresh, health juice, this workhorse will be welcome in your kitchen.

The thoughtful design of this juicer makes it ideal for commercial kitchen use. Two top sets make it easy to switch between recipes. The powerful motor and advanced cooling system allow you to produce large quantities of juices for your customers. The 3.5-inch chute minimizes the chopping and prep work you’ll need to do for produce before inserting it into the device. A stainless-steel bowl and smart cap also make cleaning and maintaining the device easy.


The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Master Chef comes with a variety of components and accessories including the juicer base, two juicing top sets, the lid, juicing bowl, auger and juicing strainer, a coarse juicing strainer, smart cap, pusher, juice cup, cleaning tool, pulp cup, cleaning brush, round brush, user manual, and a handy recipe book.


I juiced several apples in one test and was unable to squeeze any juice from the resulting pulp. The Kuvings Master Chef CS700 is a true workhorse. In my tests, it did a great job juicing soft and hard produce, leafy greens, and citrus fruits.

It is also capable of processing (not juicing) beans and nuts if you are so inclined. I did not test this feature because I was not inclined 😝

What’s Included

The device comes with a fine strainer, which is good for most recipes. The coarse strainer seemed to work best with ingredients such as cucumbers and pineapples. The strainer ensured maximal juice production and minimal pulp from these types of produce.

An included quick guide will show you how to best prep produce for the device. A recipe book will give you a few great ideas for your clientele.


Commercial-grade Juicer   


The Kuvings Master Chef CS700 is NSF certified, meaning that it is certified for use in commercial environments.

Manufacturers go through a rigorous process to have a product NSF Certified. The product must be tested. Analyses of materials must be completed. There are also unannounced plant inspections. Also, NSF Certified products are inspected on an ongoing basis. So rigorous standards must not only be achieved but also maintained

No Drip Smart Cap

smart cap

Stainless-Steel Bowl

One feature worth mentioning is the device’s stainless-steel bowl. This component improves hygiene and cleanliness of the juice produced and is also more durable than the predecessor model CS600’s plastic bowl. In fact, it’s one of the reasons the unit was able to become NSF certified.

Locking System for Safety

The CS700 has a safety lock system, which will only allow the device to run if it’s properly assembled. This will protect against damage to the device, as well as potential injury. In a business environment, this is important!

Cleaning the Kuvings CS700

Cleaning is fairly easy, overall. A specialized tool will help you quickly clean the strainer. Cleaning the strainer required a little patience and elbow grease but wasn’t overly difficult. Brushes included with the device make cleaning its other parts hassle-free.

Everything Else

Here’s how the CS700 stacks up against the Ceado ES-700, a near-tier competitor.

ProductKuvings CS700Ceado ES-700
Price Approx. $1,400 Approx. $2,500
Voltage120 V120 V
Weight20 lbs.43 lbs.
Dimensions7×10.5×20 inches11x16x20 inches
Feed chute3 inches2-3 inches

Technical Specifications

Dimensions7 x 10.5 x 20 inches
Weight20 lbs
RPM60 rpm
Voltage120 V, 60 Hz, 200W
MaterialsUltem, Tritan, ABS, PC, Stainless Steel
Warranty1-year limited
ListingsUL, NSF

Wrap Up

The Kuvings Master Chef CS700 is a serious piece of equipment. If you’re running a juice bar or restaurant, or if you have a large family of juicing enthusiasts, this is the device for you.

But this device is overkill for most casual juicers. If this is you, this Kuvings commercial cold press juicer may be too much juicer for your wallet. A product such as the Kuvings C7000 or EVO820 may suit your needs and your wallet better.

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