Welcome to Juicing Journal!

This website started as a simple blog about juicing and juicers.

Our aim was quite simple—to demystify juicing with evidence-based information, curate juice recipes, and recommend the best juicers in the market.

After writing hundreds of juicer reviews and buying guides, we expanded to the “smoothie-verse.” We reviewed all the possible blenders from Vitamix to Nutribullet and up to the most obscure blending machine.

But we didn’t stop there.

We realized that the future of home-cooking is moving towards easy-to-use all-in-one kitchen appliances currently dominated by Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi. The growth of the multi-cooker market is phenomenal, and we took notice.

We’re now covering the air fryer and pressure cooker market. Moving forward, we’re going to focus on these novel kitchen appliances.

But our mission didn’t change—to be the ultimate nutrition resource, leading online recipe database, and one-stop-shop for kitchen appliance recommendations.

However, an insane amount of capital is required to achieve that goal.

That is why we are prioritizing the multi-cooker market. It will give us enough working capital to rebrand the business and scale our content marketing.

Juicingjournal.com will be broken down into two web properties, which will be announced in the following months. So stay tuned!

Thank you for being part of the Juicing Journal family! We’re super excited about the next phase of our tasty venture!