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A glass of freshly pressed juice or smoothie contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. It boosts your immune system, makes your skin glow, and improves your health in many ways.

A healthy diet and moderate exercise prevents many of today’s modern ailments!


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We’ve Spent Hundreds of Hours Researching Kitchen Appliances So You Don’t Have To

We’ve compiled one of the most extensive portfolios of kitchen appliance reviews on the internet. After thousands of hours of testing and research, we’ve found that there are few truly “bad” juicers, air fryers, and other kitchen appliances out there (they do exist, but there aren’t many). Instead, there are appliances that are good for some people and may not be good for other types of users.

With that philosophy as our guide, we invite you to browse our extensive library of reviews or recipes. Or, use our search feature at the top to search for a product you’d like to know more about.


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Brooke Headshot e1659104430921My name is Brooke Shoupe. I’m a registered nurse in Alabama. When not in the front lines, I love to share my passion for juicing, smoothies and healthy diet. Learn more →

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