Nutribullet vs Vitamix: When It Pays to Go for a Cheaper Blender?

Nutribullet vs Vitamix
Nutribullet vs Vitamix

Comparing Nutribullet vs Vitamix is like comparing apples to oranges. Vitamix is on the premium high-performance market, while Nutribullet is on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

As you may know, Nutribullet is famous for its “bullet blenders,” or in simple terms, personal-size smoothie makers. On the other hand, Vitamix is known for its powerful countertop blending machines.

If you have the budget, I would definitely recommend getting a Vitamix model. Their current best machine is the Vitamix Ascent A3500 Smart Blender. The Ascent product line, by the way, is the brand’s most versatile blender to date.

Otherwise, if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly single-serve blender, Nutribullet has plenty of options. They also started to compete with the full-sized blender market with the launch of the Nutribullet Smart Touch.

With that said, I guess the question now is whether you’re willing to invest in a premium blender or you’re okay with an affordable smoothie maker.

To make things crystal clear, let’s compare Nutribullet and Vitamix side by side.

Nutribullet vs Vitamix Comparison Table

Nutribullet BlendersVitamix Blenders
Price Range$ – $$$$$$-$$$$$
Blend Quality9/1010/10
Power (Watts)Mini: 70 to 250-watt
Personal: 900 to 1700-watt
Countertop: 1200 to 1500-watt
840 to 1500-watt (2.2 HP)
Noise levelMini: ~67 dB 
Personal & Full-size: ~96 dB
Ascent Series: ~84 dB 
Others: ~98 dB
Hot Blends?The countertop blenders can blend hot constituents. However, only the Nutribullet Rx can heat soup.Yes (except for Vitamix One)
Thick blends?Only the full-sized blenders and the Nutribullet Rx.Yes
Dishwasher safe
(removable parts)
Yes, except for the bladesYes (except for the old versions and Vitamix One)
Programmable timerThe Nutribullet Smart Touch has a countdown timer.Yes (A3300, A3500, V1200)
Walkaway blending
(automatic presets)
Only the full-sized blenders and the Nutribullet Rx.Yes (A2500, A3500, Pro 750)
SpeedUp to 3 speed-settingsUp to 10-speed
(some high-end models has a total of 19)
Control TypeButtons, push and twistDial, buttons, lever
Smart FeaturesWireless battery-powered blender (Nutribullet GO)Yes, wi-fi connectivity (Ascent Series)
Capacity10 oz to 64 oz32 oz to 64 oz
AccessoriesDifferent-sized cupsFood Processor, personal cup, dry grains container, blending bowl, stainless steel container, aerating disc container
Warranty1 year5-10 years


  • Vitamix has better warranty coverage.
  • Nutribullet is more affordable.
  • Only Vitamix offers a wi-fi connectivity feature.
  • Only Nutribullet has a portable wireless blender.
  • Vitamix offers the most comprehensive accessories.
  • Vitamix is more customizable with its 10-speed option.
  • Nutribullet is an excellent personal blender with a wide range of smaller capacities and one powerful compact version.

To better understand the differences between each brand, we’ll pit each of their competing products by type—full-sized against full-sized, high-powered vs. high-powered, etc.

Countertop Blenders: Vitamix A3500 vs. Nutribullet Smart Touch

Fun fact: These blenders are our top 2 choices for the Best Blenders of 2021.

Vitamix A3500
Vitamix Ascent Series A3500
Nutribullet Smart Touch Combo
Nutribullet Smart Touch Combo
10-speed dial3-speed
~84 dB~87 dB
5 automatic blend settings4 automatic programs
n/aIncludes 2 cups
10-year warranty1-year warranty

Vitamix Ascent A3500 Series Smart Blender

Vitamix A3500, brushed stainless metal

The Vitamix A3500 is, unquestionably, the best overall blender. It’s the perfect choice for food lovers who want to explore recipes beyond smoothies. For instance, it can make almond butter in just a minute, even without extra oil. Some competitors, on the other hand, require oil to make spreadable butter.

Moreover, Vitamix Ascent offers more useful accessories than Nutribullet—Vitamix food processor, blending bowl, stainless steel container, etc. 

And, on top of all that?

When you think about the product’s longevity, any Vitamix Blender triumphs with ease. It features a durable build quality that usually outlives its 10-year warranty. 

That being said, you still have to consider the substantial investment. If you’re wondering if it’s genuinely worth the money, then you should read, “Is Vitamix worth it?

You can read the full review of Vitamix A3500 here.

Nutribullet Smart Touch Blender Combo

Nutribullet Smart Touch

I’ll state the obvious, Nutribullet is undoubtedly a more affordable blender than Vitamix.  Plus, this version—Nutribullet Smart Touch Combo—already includes a travel cup. 

Here’s the catch:

Despite its 1500-watt motor, Nutribullet Smart Touch can’t heat up a soup with just friction, nor can it make fine flour. Regardless, it can handle all essential blender recipes, so that’s still a win. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 is still a fantastic blend quality score. 

Therefore, knowing that the price is a significant deciding factor, the Nutribullet is the winner in this round.

You can read the full review of Nutribullet Smart Touch here.

High-Powered: Vitamix vs Nutribullet Rx

Nutribullet Rx Personal Blender and Soup Maker

Nutribullet Rx

Nutribullet Rx is the brand’s most powerful blender. To put it into perspective, it’s robust enough to heat soup by means of friction it. And of course, Nutribullet Rx is cheaper compared to its contender—Vitamix E310.

On the flip side:

It only has 1 button for both the regular blending and the SoupBlaster mode. In other words, the limited controls will be challenging when you make recipes beyond smoothies and hot soup.

Regardless, suppose you’re after a compact high-powered blender, the Nutribullet Personal Blender and Soup Maker is the way to go.

You can read the full review of Nutribullet Rx here.

Vitamix Explorian Series E310

Vitamix E310

What I like about the Vitamix E310 is that despite being the cheapest high-performance blender from the brand, it’s just as capable as its premium siblings.

So, compared to the Nutribullet Rx that specializes in smoothies and hot soups, the Vitamix E310 can do so much more. In comparison, the Rx can make about 6 types of recipes, whereas Vitamix can handle twice as much.

More importantly, you have more control over your blends thanks to its 10-speed dial and 2 levers for power and pulse. Hence, Vitamix got the winning score in this round.

You can read the full review of Vitamix E310 here.

Affordable: Vitamix One vs. Magic Bullet

The Original Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

Here’s the thing:

Magic Bullet is more of a mini food processor. You see, two of the significant uses of this machine are to chop and mix ingredients for cooking. In short, it simplifies your kitchen tasks.

Of course, there’s a drawback to this mini blender. It’s not powerful, so the ratio of drinks should be approximately 60% liquid and 40% soft components. With that said, you can only make essential recipes with either liquid ingredients or soft ingredients for chopping.

Regardless, the best thing about the Magic Bullet is that it’s incredibly affordable. For context, you can get 6 Magic Bullets for the price of Vitamix One.

You can read the full review of Magic Bullet here.

Vitamix One: 100th Year Anniversary Blender

Vitamix One

While Vitamix One is not the brand’s most powerful blender, it still has Vitamix’s quality stamp. Simply put, despite its weaker motor, it’s still excellent at its job.

Best of all, it can handle just about any recipes that the Magic Bullet can and so much more. 

Therefore, price-wise Magic Bullet is the clear choice. With all the other factors, Vitamix One prevails, particularly with more recipe possibilities and more control.

You can read the full review of Vitamix One here.

Single-Serve Blenders: Nutribullet vs Vitamix Cup

To clarify, there are 2 types of Vitamix Personal Cups. Essentially, they’re the same except for the adapter. So, here’s a quick rundown: 

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter is for the non-ascent series. The so-called adapter is like a half pitcher with the blade. 

On the other hand, the Vitamix Blending Cup is for Ascent Series. It only has the cup and blade assembly, just like a Nutribullet.

Vitamix Blending Cup vs Personal Cup
left image: Vitamix Blending Cup Base right image: Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix Blending Cup Attachment

Vitamix Blending Cup

If you already have a Vitamix blender, you should definitely go for the Vitamix Blending Cup. It will save a ton of space in the kitchen since you don’t need to buy a separate machine. 

In addition, there are more reasons to love the Vitamix Cup. For instance, it’s insulated, so your smoothie will stay cold for hours. 

Better yet? It has a 3-year warranty, compared to a Nutribullet’s 1-year warranty. I mean, a lengthy warranty for a personal cup, how great is that?

You can read the full review of Vitamix Cup here.

Nutribullet Pro 1000-watt Professional Series Personal Blender

Nutribullet Pro 1000

Here’s the kicker:

Nutribullet Pro 1000 wins this round. First of all, it’s more affordable than buying a full-sized blender AND a personal cup attachment. Secondly, it has a smaller footprint in the kitchen.


Even though making crushed ice and blending hot liquid isn’t part of its resume, it can still handle essential blender recipes with excellent quality. 

On top of all that?

The Nutribullet Pro is actually our Best Portable Blender and 2nd Best Smoothie Maker.

You can read the full review of Nutribullet Pro here.

Here’s the final tally of this Nutribullet vs Vitamix comparison; Vitamix got 6 points and Nutribullet scored 5 points.

Verdict: Is a NutriBullet as good as a Vitamix?

If we’re talking about blend quality, the answer is no; Vitamix Blenders are still the best in this game. They can process a standard smoothie and as well as thick blends like acai bowls, without any issues or any extra accessory.

As a point of comparison, that’s only possible with a few Nutribullet products, the Nutribullet Rx and their full-sized blending machines.

However, in terms of value for the money, I would say that Nutribullet is the apparent winner.

If you want the best bang for your buck, any of these Nutribullet blenders would fit your budget. Or, if you need a heavy-duty machine that can produce silky smooth drinks, Vitamix blenders can deliver that level of blend quality.

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