Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer Review

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Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer

Why to Buy

  • Reduced cook time relative to other air fryers
  • Voice and app control of your device
  • 11 Customizable presets
  • App contains growing library of video guided recipes
  • Dishwasher safe & cleans easily
  • Great value for your money

Why to Avoid

  • May not be large enough for large families

Our Rating

With 11 customizable presets, easy cleanup, and an app filled with recipes, it’s hard to find something we don’t like with the Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer. The Pro II Smart also features improved cooking tech.

Our Rating

quality product 1

Cosori Pro II Overview

The Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer is one of the newest Cosori Air Fryers on the market. If you are looking for a new air fryer, or looking to upgrade, Juicing Journal suggests you consider this model.

Cosori Pro II Smart vs Cosori Pro I

We highly recommend you go with the Pro II Smart over the Pro I Smart–or any Pro Cosori models for that matter. You get a more features for just a minor increase in price.

It is an upgrade over the Cosori Pro I Smart model and has the following improvements:

  • You can set time and temp with the VeSync App
  • It allows multi-stage cook instructions to be sent to the device
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assist
  • Cooks up to 20% faster than the previous version

Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer Features

Temperature Range

The Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer operates at temperatures from 170°F (77°C) – 400°F (204°C). As a safety feature, should the unit overheat, it will automatically turn off.

Default Presets

One feature of this unit is that you can customize the presets. But here are the default presets that come with each new unit:

PresetDefault TempDefault TimeShake Reminder
Steak400°F / 204°C6 minutes
Chicken380°F / 193°C23 minutes
Seafood350°F / 177°C8 minutesYes
Shrimp370°F / 188°C6 minutes
Bacon320°F / 160°C8 minutes
Frozen Foods380°F / 193°C8 minutesYes
French Fries380°F / 193°C25 minutesYes
Vegetables320°F / 160°C8 minutesYes
Toast320°F / 160°C8 minutes
Bake300°F / 149°C35 minutes
Preheat400°F / 204°C5 minutes
Keep Warm170°F / 77°C5 minutes

Aesthetic Design

If there is any drawback that you can find with the Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer, it is the design. It isn’t an ugly beast of a machine, but it isn’t sleek either.

There are better looking Cosori Air Fryers, as this design is very utilitarian. In short, the design of the Pro II devices allows Cosori to maximize the cooking capacity with the most efficient use of space.

utilitarian cosori design

Functional Design

What the Pro Smart II lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in function. The air fryer maximizes its modest footprint to give you 5.8 quarts of cooking capacity. The unit also features a “no smudge” finish that reduces smudges that accumulate with use.

Easily Detachable Basket

The Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer features a basket that is easily detachable with the push of a button.

To detach the basket, remove the entire bottom part from the unit and rest it on a flat counter top. Then press the basket release button and lift the inner basket up and away from the outer basket.

basket design


The Pro Smart II comes in at a little over 1.1 cubic feet in size. So it isn’t a gigantic machine but will take up about 1 square foot of your counter space.

It’s dimensions are:

  • 13.87″ Wide
  • 12″ Hight
  • 11.78″ Deep
smart ii dimensions

Improved Cooking Performance

Cosori claims the air fryer features improved cooking performance over the previous model. In our testing, however, this reduction in time didn’t seem to amount to 20%. Although the food did seem more crispy.

“Smart” Cooking Features

The Pro Smart II is comptable with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

But one of the great features of the Cosori Pro Smart II Air Fryer is the app! It opens up a world of new possibilities with your device. Our favorite features of the app are the multi-stage cooking and the video recipe library.

Multi-Stage Cooking

One such scenario where this comes in handy is when you are cooking foods that need to be defrosted first. Before the VeSync app, you’d need to use the touch controls to select defrost mode. You could then adjust the time as needed.

With the VeSync app, you can stack a defrost command and a cook command on the same device. This allows a more “set it and forget it” mode of cooking.

Video Recipe Library

Air Fryers make cooking a breeze. But sometimes we all need a little inspiration to discover new meal ideas. Those new ideas now come in the form of a video library of recipes.

With the library, you can ensure your family doesn’t get tired of eating the same thing all the time. The libraries also come in handy when doing something you’ve never done before. For example, if want to bake a small cake in an air fryer, the VeSync app can show you the way.

Pause & Restart Feature

The Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer comes with both a manual and automatic pause feature.

By pressing the pause button, the air fryer will stop cooking. The pause button will blink until you press it to resume cooking. If you press pause and do nothing for 30 minutes, the air fryer will automatically turn off.

If the air fryer is on and you remove the basket, the device will pause. When you reinsert the basket, it automatically resumes cooking. If you remove the basket for 30 minutes, the device will shut down.

Technical Specifications for Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer

Capacity5.8 qt/ 5.5 L
(serves 3 – 5 people)
Temperature Range170°F – 400°F
77°C – 204°C
Time Range1 – 60 minutes
Power SupplyAC 120V / 60Hz
Rated Power1700W
Dimensions11.8 x 12.0 x 12.7 in
30 x 31 x 32 cm
Weight12.3 lb / 5.6 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect a Cosori Smart Air Fryer to WiFi?

1. Download the VeSync app on your smart phone.
2. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi
3. Turn on your Cosori Smart Air Fryer.
4. Press and hold the power button until the WiFi symbol begins to blink.
5. Follow the in-app instructions to add your air fryer to your VeSync app.

How Do I Clean The Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer?

1. Turn off and unplug the air fryer.
2. Wait until the air fryer is cool before proceeding.
3. Wipe the outer basket with a moist cloth

Both baskets are dishwasher safe. So feel free to put them both in the dishwasher if you desire.

Can you put aluminum foil in an Air Fryer to help keep it clean?

Yes. Lining the outer basket with foil will make cleanup much easier. After you cook and the basket cools, remove and discard the foil.

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